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Rocking with Rene Amesz

Interview || Chatting to Rene Amesz

Few people have displayed the disciplined approach to producing that Rene Amesz has in the last ten years. Churning out a steady stream of his unique and dirty sounding tracks, the Rene Amesz sound has been destroying speakers all over the world and it looks like now, it is coming into its own at the opportune time.

Maybe Renes early career as a football player combined with his Rotterdam background had something to do with his work ethic. People from Rotterdam are generally known for a their get on with it attitude get yourself together and work hard to get out there! Young Rene was a promising prospect in the football world and considered a player headed for the A-team of Rotterdams finest, Feyenoord or Sparta. Unfortunately Rene had to give up because of a nasty injury, but that didnt stop him from making some adjustments and aiming at a new career that brought him to where he is today.

1. How are you doing? And what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “South Africa”  
Then i think of vuvuzela's and Nelson Mandela

2. We know you are from Rotterdam, you DJ, and producer music. Tell us more about yourself.
I practice kickboxing…..i have 2 sons and a wife…..and i'm healthy!

3. How did you find yourself in the career of music?
Passion for music. Thats basically it. And dont moan and look at others with succes but work your ass off……thats how i did it. The money and the chicks didnt make me do it! Hahaha

4. What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced in the industry and how have you overcome them to get to where you are today? Any lessons learnt you can share with upcoming dj’s/producers?
Havent had any challenges or so. Just trying my best to reach a higher level every year. A lesson for young folks trying to get there for a living……spend every spare minute you have left working in the studio. So no girlfriends or boyfriends…… and get your releases out there on the bigger labels!!!!!! ;)

5. Its currently Ibiza season, when was the 1st time you visited ibiza, and what do you remember from the experience?
I went there when i was 18 yrs old with my girlfriend at the time. I remember Pacha when they still played cool quality house and techno instead of annoying EDM. 

6. In todays time the dance music scene is flooding with new talent, tell us about your first big break both as a producer and a dj?
That happened when i produced a few records short after each other with Wally Lopez, Peter Gelderblom and some solo stuff back in 2006/2007 ….. Things went nuts from then on! :)

7. Out of all the tracks you have produced, which one always gets the crowd going insane?'
Work this on toolroom Records. And my remix for Man With The Red Face. 

8. In celebrations of Toolroom Records turning 10 you were giving the task of remixing Mark Knight and Funkagenda- Man With The Red Face, what was the experience like and how did you go about the remix?
The remix fell together quite easy. Those parts are just awesome. The original was an all time fav of mine already as well as the version of Laurent Garnier back in the days. So it brought back great memories for me. The way Mark Knight and Funkagenda covered it was just fabulous. Still playing it once in a while instead of my own remix! 

9. How would you describe your music in 3 words?
Sleazy Funky Ass-Shaking

10. If you could change anything about the electronic music industry what would it be and why?
I would ban EDM. Its so ear damaging and its a true libido killer!!!

11. Does anyone in particular influence your music? Which producers/ djs do you look up to?
It's definitely been peace division from back in the days. The way they program beats is just insane. I also admire Shadow Child's and Onno's talents!!!

12. In your eyes which rising talents should we be on the watch for in the future?
There are too much great producers these days. If i had to pick just one… would be Bontan!!!!

13. We see you were a football player, so we have to ask which team do you root for?
I played for the dutch youth squad and Sparta Rotterdam when i was young. So i am a Sparta Rotterdam supporter. After that FEYENOORD ROTTERDAM ofcourse :)

Any last messages for your fans

Thanx for all the support in the years folks. Big hug for every single one of you!!!!!! You made me do it!!!! (quite cliche isnt it? Hahaha)

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