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A Night of White at Sensation Innerspace South Africa

What: Sensation InnerSpace- South Africa
When: 7 September 2013
Where: Northgate Dome
Overall experience: Unbelievable
Line up: Mr White, Nic Fanciulli, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano,Daniel and Juan Sanchez, Thomas Gold

When the news broke months ago that Sensation (produced by Netherlands-based ID&T) was coming to South Africa we couldn’t contain our excitement. We remember watching a Video of Sensation and specifically Sensation white years ago when we were underage to attend such event but we added it to our bucket list of things to do. Sensation started 13 years ago is known as the World’s Premier Dance Event” and with good reason.

Walking into the Dome we were immediately blown away with the spectacular set up. In the center of the hall was a gigantic stage which resembled a lotus flower visible from every part of the dance floor. This served as the DJ Booth with a rotating floor so that the DJ could be seen from all areas too. 

In the center of the  lotus flower shaped stage was the infamous Sensation towering water feature. Talk about EPIC! This was a circular fountain which cascaded fine droplets of water in a sheeth form from top to bottom. It was way cool that it was able to display writing and lighting patterns- a little difficult to explain but check the pics! WOW! 

On either side of the huge stage were smaller lotus flower fountains . From the ceiling cascaded a number of gigantic light spheres/balls which became part of the show as it progressed. The balls ascended up and down bouncing along with music and colour changing lighting which was spectacular.

On the night we heard a world class sets form the DJ’s in a mix of Techno, Tech House and Progressive house music. Each artist had an insane introduction. Unlike other parties, Sensation features no led graphic walls, everything visual is in the form of the central water screen/feature, aerial acrobats, the moving spheres, confetti explosions, pyro’s the water screens and fountains, CO2 acts on decks, and insane lighting effects.  We were even treated to an acoustic performance of Florence and the Machine “You Got the love” by vocalist Lex Empress which made our hair stand. It was mind blowing that the entire venue was completely different with regard lighting, lasers and effects for each DJ’s set depending on the style of music being played.

We felt that the crowd and the atmosphere lacked the excitement and energy that we witnessed in past Sensation videos. We suppose this can be attributed to the fact that although everyone there knew what Sensation is they were not too well acquainted with the DJ’s and the type of music they play. Some party goers seemed a little bored. We guess that is just an attribute of the South African dance scene which is still miles apart from the international electronic dance music. But most partygoers seemed to be having the time of their life.
We got to admit that seeing  17 000 partygoers all dressed in white, all there for one purpose was absolutely electric and definitely makes Sensation what it is. All in all we were blown away by the spectacular production an insane audio visual craziness that we experienced during the 7 hour sensory Innerspace extravaganza on Saturday. Truly Magical!

Big Thank you to Sensation and presenting partner Samsung #GALAXYexperience as well as additional partners Heineken and DSTV for bringing Sensation Innerspace to South Africa. Massive respect to ID&T for the stellar production and for making Sensation the Brand it is. Also Big thank you to local promoter G&G productions and Mike from One-eyed Jack for making the 7 September 2013 live in our hearts forever.

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