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Münk Culture Edition 2 Sets A New Standard



munk culture south africa review

Münk is the brainchild of CONTRXST a creative startup collective that thrives off creating unique experiences of distinction. Their debut event Münk Culture was introduced to the world last year and is the amalgamation of four elements bass, social, culture and style. Their second event promised to be an escape from the ordinary, an escape into a world unlike anything before. With that said we had to find out if it was true or not. On Saturday  06 February 2016, we braced the horrid Johannesburg rain to attended the second edition of Münk Culture held at one of Johannesburg most loved party venues Carfax. 

The line up brought partygoers the bass element, a true experience into the future of music. The social element was created by building an environment welcoming of all diversities and encouraging social interaction with other party goers. The element of culture came from encouraging change and providing a space for individuals to open their minds to new ideas.  Celebrating new trends and welcoming forward-thinking style makes up the final element, style in Münk Culture.

munk culture

The lineup featured acts such as Rikay, Trancemicsoul, Niskerone, Mooi,  Metro Ticket and Kollective Kulture amongst others. Looking at the lineup one would have thought that Münk would draw the older more refined crowd. This was however not the crowd that was there to party, it was rammed with young ones who had just received their rights of passage into partying. Okay maybe not, but you get our drift. This was a surprise as we would have thought the lineup would have deterred the kids of today who come across being ignorant with regard to music styles.

The venue was packed to capacity and home to two dance floors. The main dance-floor was built into a little oasis from LED panels and homed the entertainers for the night.  The night progressed from the hi's and lo’s of techno all the way to deep house, future bass and trap. Each DJ brought their own sound and the night was a pivotal moment in music education for the younger generation and for some hardcore one genre lovers.

munk culture review

We salute Münk for giving the up and coming DJs a chance to showcase their skills. We also need to give them points for picking a lineup which tapped out from the ordinary sound that everyone has come to love,"bigroom! Aside for the mishaps at the doors, the night was nothing short of superb. The music was the right amount of “underground” and the crowd welcomed it with open arms. The production from stage design to the sound system was up to the level of best.

The creators of Münk Culture broke all restrictions, stepped up and created a  different kind of experience, a festival vibe only in a club. It is without a doubt that they have set a new standard for events in South Africa. It was the illest event we've attended in a while, and we can’t wait for the next Münk Culture! But for now, we will leave partying to the young ones. ;)

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