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Kidnap Kid Shares Moments Of Birds That Fly EP


kidnap kid next release moments on birds that fly records
Kidnap Kid Moments 

Kidnap Kid kickstarts his new label with an anthemic and emotive production that is arguably his best to date. Birds That Flyis an indelible cut that’s timeless in nature. We shared it with you last week and today we are sharing the next track of the EP, Moments. Moments is equally as moving as Birds That Fly. It's a slick production, and features the vocals of Leo Stannard, making it a captivating classic in original form as well as the paired instrumental mix.

'After releasing on a number of great labels over the past few years, I'm excited to have one to call my own. Birds That Fly was born of the need for a home that felt in harmony with my musical aesthetic. I'm looking forward to releasing the music I love over the years to come.' - Kidnap Kid

Kidnap Kid's versatility is what shines here. Treading a winding path, he originally made his home on the Black Butter label but has since spread his wings to encompass a more underground aesthetic. This journey has led to the conception of Birds That Fly, a home for his own and other like-minded producers and a platform that will no doubt be a compelling force in the coming months. The vocals on ‘Momentsbelong to singer and songwriter Leo Stannard, who at only 20 years old is also part of the Black Butter family, and was recently supported by BBC Introducing. 

Tour dates:
26/2/2016 - Church Basement, Denver, USA
28/2/2016 - EDC Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico
3/3/2016 - Hi-Fi. Calgary, Canada
4/3/2016 - Evergreen. Portland, USA
5/3/2016 - Love + Propaganda. San Francisco, USA
6/3/2016 - CRSSD Festival. San Diego, USA
16/3/2016 - Black Butter at WMC. Miami, USA
19/3/2016 - Crosstown Rebels 'Get Lost'. Miami, USA
24/3/2016 - Red Light. Dallas, USA
25/3/2016 - Bang Bang, San Diego, USA
26/3/2016 - Sound (headline). LA, USA

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