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Ennui Announce New Album Telepathic Beat, Out 9/23 via Mush Records

Download: Ennui "Circles" via Soundcloud

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Ennui is the brainchild of renowned Pittsburgh-based musician and producer Jim Doutrich, and has been around in various incarnations since 2004.
Though there is no shortage of hooks, "Circles", "Summer Of Love", and "Telepathic Beat" stand out in style and substance as roller-beats immersed in a bath of shimmering neo-shoegaze, creating a widescreen backdrop to act as home for brain-embedding melodies and subtly haunting lyrics.

With its sun-drenched feel, the album plays as the soundtrack to a summer spent balancing a narcotic life in clubs, with the possibilities that await when you skip work and head to the beach. It's destined to be the album to reach for when you don't want to admit that summer is over. 

On Telepathic Beat, Doutrich took the final steps to make Ennui a solo synth-wave act and locked himself in his Pittsburgh studio, filled with vintage synths and their modern counterparts to work on new material. Mixed by Al Carlson at Gary's Electric Studio (part of Mexican Summer), the album sounds both effortless and pristinely constructed.

Telepathic Beat cover art + tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Feel It
3. Jump Back
4. Summer of Love
5. Telepathic Beat
6. Turning Point
7. Over and Over
8. Circles
9. Weight of the World
10. Outro

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