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Discover Dark 100 marks their very special milestone with a one and a bit hour trip through the underground Trance scene.

Discover Dark 100 [REVIEW]

Starting out as the more experimental side of “Discover Red” Discover Dark after 10 years of bringing us the best of the harder side of trance gives us Discover Dark 100. Discover Dark 100 marks their very special milestone with a one and a bit hour trip through the underground Trance scene. Mixed by UK DJ and producer Les Spalding aka ‘Oberon’, creators of the sub-genre known as Tech Trance, Discover Dark has brought us music from the royalty of the underground Trance scene.

Kicking off this long awaited album is legend John Askew with ‘Chime’, the Liam Wilson Tech remix. The progressive beat with its continuing deep bass sound is perfectly structured to start off this mix. Up next another remix of a another legendary song by yet another legendary DJ its Chris Voro’s remix of John O’Callaghan & Kearney. ‘Pendulum’. Sick, sick melody proper underground vibes on this one. Up 3rd it’s the Origin ‘Cold Razor’ remix of ‘More To Life by’ Bryan Kearney. This sinister tune is a testament to the groundbreaking movement of Discover Dark, excellent crossover. Mekk, Kearney, Sean Tyas, Indecent Noise and Oberon himself all make appearances next in this truly underground mix. The beautiful Lisa Lashes as well as remix’s by Oberon, Jamie Drummond, Estigma and Spencer Hardwick follows. Track 17 belongs to Mr John Askew making his 5th appearance in the mix his track together with Hardwick ‘Slaves To The Machine’ a Tech Trance masterpiece its repetitive beat seams to put you in a state of movement, rhythmically enticing you with every note it is hard not to get drawn into dance but before you can enjoy it for too long Oberon drops ‘Destroyer’ by Peter Plaznik the Casey Rasch remix, superbly uplifting in the beginning but menacingly progressive in its drop perfect end to the mix.

Discover Dark 100 is an absolutely spot on mix to highlight 10 years of amazing underground Tech Trance, Oberon taps into the minds of the listener it is as if he takes you on a spiritual journey with these sinister underground drops which seem to elevate and your very soul.    

'Discover Dark 100' Tracklisting

  1. John Askew - Chime (Liam Wilson Tech Remix)
  2. O'Callaghan & Kearney - Pendulum (Chris Voro Remix)
  3. Bryan Kearney - More to Life (Origin ‘Cold Razor’ Remix)
  4. Mekk - Restless (Peter Plaznik's No Sleep Remix) [Activa Presents Mekk]
  5. Bryan Kearney - Punchline (Sequence & Deathmind Remix)
  6. Sean Tyas - Rulebook (Johann Stone Remix)
  7. Indecent Noise - Zokete (Omega Drive ‘Make Some Noise’ Remix)
  8. Oberon - Danger Ahead (Johan Ekman Remix)
  9. Lisa Lashes - Numero Uno (Ian Booth Remix)
  10. John Askew - Battery Acid (Oberon's Bad Acid Remix)
  11. John Askew - Giving You Acid (Casey Rasch & John Merki Remix)
  12. Greg Downey - King Dong (Oberon's 12” Remix)
  13. Matt Skyer - Throwing Swords (Jamie Drummond Remix)
  14. Indecent Noise - Civitanova (Estigma Remix)
  15. Jamie Drummond - Code Zero (Diego Morrill Remix)
  16. Adam Foley - Trip Switch (Spencer Hardwick Remix)
  17. John Askew & Matt Hardwick - Slaves to the Machine (Drama Remix)
  18. Peter Plaznik - Destroyer (Casey Rasch Remix)
Review Done By: Nabeel 
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