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This is Extrema Global Music... This is Manuel Le Saux!

Extreme Global Music Vol 1 [REVIEW]

DJ, producer, label owner, these are only a few things associated with mega DJ Manuel Le Saux following the release of his 1st artist album back in 2013 Manual has launched his own record label called Extreme Global Music and now delivers to us his 1st Extreme Global Music compilation. The compilation features many heavy weights in the scene such as John Askew and Darren Porter. This fairly new DJ to emerge has hardly come quiet with a 2nd artist album already in the works.

Starting us off rather beautifully is Peter Smith with ‘Zeal’, the pleasant piano gives us a beautiful harmony to lose ourselves in, this excellently uplifting melody is hauntingly simple, with a breathtaking drop fit for such an amazing compilation. In at number 2 it’s Glynn Alan & Dave Wright with ‘Duality’ another uplifting progressive monster, if you close your eyes it’s hard not to imagine the cold light from the laser lightshow hitting your face and body truly transporting beats. Up next its Astuni & Shamano with ‘Odyssey to infinity’, no words can better describe this masterpiece then the title itself I leave you to discover its magnificence. Roberto Reynoso aka Estigma comes in with ‘Sentinel’, enlightening melodies lifting the bar on this compilation. Astuni with ‘Mega’ quickly follows, Mega listen to that name, Astuni justifies it with a truly MEGA tune wow a future classic. Le Saux wastes no time bringing in another masterpiece ‘Gravitational Singularity’ by Mostfa & Mostfa , epic cosmic beats, clearly Manuel Le Saux isn’t going to be satisfied until your soul is flouting amongst the stars. Dark air, Manuel Le Saux himself, Darren Porter and Polish DJ Indecent Noise are all featured in the compilation. Ending off this compilation though has been granted to UK DJ and producer John Askew, the Harmonic Rush ‘On Salvia’ remix of ‘Giving You Acid’ ends off this amazing compilation by Manuel Le Saux.

If this is the 1st Extreme Global Music compilation I am truly excited to see what Manuel Le Saux will do next, amazing rises and falls uplifting and progressive all at once this is without fault it is perfect, to not be able to enjoy this compilation you would have to be utterly anhedonic. 


1. Peter Smith - Zeal 
2. Glynn Alan & Dave Wright - Duality 
3. Gary Maguire - Clear Purpose 
4. Astuni & Shamano - Odyssey to Infinity 
5. Estigma - Sentinel 
6. Astuni - Mega 
7. Mostfa & Mostfa - Gravitational Singularity 
8. Divisional Phrase - Sigma 
9. Gareth Weston - Drop Bear 
10. Dark Air - Prophecy 
11. Manuel Le Saux - Bushido 
12.Ally Brown & Rhys Thomas - Nitric (Darren Porter 
13. Mostfa & Mostfa - Armageddon 
14. Inertia – The Chamber (Indecent Noise Remix) 
15. John Askew – Giving You Acid (Harmonic Rush ‘On 
Salvia’ Remix) 
16. Extrema Global Music (Mixed by Manuel Le Saux) 
[Album Only] 

Review Done By: Nabeel 

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