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In Paris Blohm's Eyes



In 2013, after producing for 7 years, LA native and former bedroom producer Paris Blohm gathered the support of Tiesto, Hardwell, and Sander Van Doorn, to name a few. His anthemic productions also caught the attention of music industry giant Interscope Records, with whom he signed a management deal. Paris has since taken the dance music world by storm, flooding the internet with both free and label releases, garnering the attention of the scene's biggest blogs and websites. With several exciting collaborations slated for the coming months, and a rapidly expanding fanbase, all eyes are on Paris... and he's just getting started.

Paris blohm press pic

Paris is one of the international DJ's set to grace the South African shore for Rage Festival 2015, we thought we would take the time out to get to know him a little more. 

Hi, Paris welcome to think IN electronic thank you so much for doing this interview with us. It's a huge pleasure 

We like asking all of our guests this, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa? 

I might be incorrect, but I think of Lions. Haha :p 

We know you are a 24-year-old LA born DJ/producer; tell us a bit more about who Paris is on a non-musical front? 

I'm 25! I'd say I'm a pretty normal guy outside of music, I honestly like spending time with the people I love and I don't really party or live a crazy life when home. :) 

Growing up we all have aspirations, has your aspiration always been to be in music and specifically electronic music? What would you be doing if you weren’t in music? 

I always wanted to play music. I just never had the chance or ability to until I realized you could use a computer. I tried the guitar and drums and failed miserably. But computer music reminded me of video games, and opened the door to piano and synthesizers for me! 

If I weren't in music I'd probably be a chef. I have a love for food and creating food. It reminds me of making music in a way and is an outlet for me when I'm home. 

Your latest release In Your Eyes features an experimental rework what direction did you take with the rework? 

I honestly just wanted to make something outside my usual box. It was an itch that I was able to scratch. I had no vision for it, it kind of just came out. And I think it worked! 

Out of all the tracks you have produced which one stands out the most for you in terms of being your favourite or having the most meaning? 

I couldn't pick a favourite but I'd say my song 'Presence' has the most meaning as it's dedicated to my late sister, Chloe Blohm. 

Which 3 instruments would you us to describe the Paris Blohm sound and why? 

Synthesizers. Vsts. Computers.

My song is very obviously electronic so I couldn't pick any acoustic instruments to describe it. But I'm working on some newer music that is definitely a bit different! 

Now a day’s every track seems to sound the same, or is a rip off of another track, do you prefer originality over conformity, even if it won't make you as much money? 

I'm dealing with that right now actually. I think originality is super important. You're also very right that conforming can gain an artist a bit more money. For me, integrity is important so I'm always leaning towards originality. 

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about producing? 

Favourite: the feeling of creating something and losing yourself in it. 

Least favourite: waiting for songs to be released and figuring out where. 

Do you have any pre-gig rituals before you take to the decks, how do you go about planning your sets? 

Usually, like to have a nice dinner if possible and check out the city...  And set wise I have about 100 songs on my USB that I pick on the fly depending on the crowd. Obviously, I play all of my songs every set but the songs in between will change. 

You have released tracks on labels such as Enhanced, Protocol and Revealed and now you are signed to Universal music what are some of the major changes associated with releasing on a big label as opposed a smaller label? 

I'm not signed to Universal music as an artist. I released some remixes and I'm managed by a sub division of universal. That being said I still release among many different labels and outlets. 

It is your first time touring South Africa and you are playing at Rage Festival 2015 what are you most looking forward to? 

Experiencing that part of the world and it's people/crowds! I'm a huge fan of traveling. 

Do you have a saying or a quote that you live by and that gets you through the difficult days? 

Paris blohm

If you were given the opportunity to act in any movie as any actor what movie would you want to act in, which character and why? 

Probably a Game of Thrones series or that kind of style. I am a huge nerd of medieval/Knight styled movies... Would be fun to role play as an actor in that. 

What is one of your favourite songs to sing out loud in the shower? 

I don't sing I usually think in the shower :p 

What's next for Paris and do you have any last messages for your fans? 

So excited to visit that part of the world and play for you guys!! 

Thank you Paris for doing this interview with us!

Catch Paris playing at Rage 2015 Download the Rage Festival App for more information!

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