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Finding Our Way With Timo ODV



timo odv

“I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be a music producer even though I knew pretty much nothing about music or music production” says gifted singer/songwriter/producer TiMO ODV. 

This spontaneous desire has taken TiMO on a journey over the past 4 years that has led him to master an impressive set of instruments, including the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele and melodica, alongside the development of his sublime vocal delivery and innate talent for songwriting. Hailing from Kempton Park on Gauteng’s East Rand and “Born and bred to be at peace with the sound of airplanes,” TiMO has always been destined to go places and his journey has recently accelerated with his signing to Universal Music in February 2015.

Having worked through a variety of sounds, TiMO has settled on a deeper, pop enshrined sound that allows him to seamlessly blend a variety of different elements and textures. “Music with a deeper feel allows me more room to write and express myself,” says TiMO, “Whether you want electronic or acoustic sounds, they both fit well inside music with a deep feel.” 

TiMO ODV has launched himself onto the scene with his debut Gold selling single “Save Me” (featuring the luscious harmonies of Sarah Jackson), showcasing how his soul stirring deep sound illuminates the magnetic power of his pop sensibilities. Save Me has had a significant impact on radio, taking the #4 spot on the Afstereo Top 100 (national radio chart), #2 on Shazam and #4 on iTunes.

His follow up single, Find My Way - a glorious deep pop anthem resonating with heart-pounding bass and soul stirring pop brilliance - has been playlisted across all major radio stations, with a video set for release in mid-September.

Ahead of his performance at Rage 2015 we had a chat with him.

Timo ODV interview

1.     Can you tell us a little more about who you are? If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?
If I was making music and had to be living a different dream I would be a footballer if it was a different reality probably a graphic designer or poker player.

2.     We sure you have been asked this question a million times but for all our readers who don’t know how you started, can you take us through your journey as an artist?
Well I loved music my whole life just the producing side of it was very out of reach until I found out you can make music on ur computer so that's what I started doing when I was 21, I then learnt to sing as I couldn't previously sing.

3.     In a short while you went from practically being a normal person to being one of South Africa’s most loved artists, how has your life changed?
It's changed in the sense that people have given me the opportunity to live my dreams

 4.     What is a typical day like in each of your life? How do you go from idea to finished product?
 I generally sit down start with the chords and start writing the vocal melody once I feel I have something catchy enough for people to sing along to I then start producing the song adding the bassline and the drums.

5.     You are self-taught from Youtube, what prompted you to learn and do you think this gives you a competitive advantage over other musicians?
I think the only thing that gives me an advantage at this stage is I don't have to run around looking for vocalists and songwriters for my music as I do that myself a lot of producers because they don't understand singing just don't seem to get the vocals right.

6.     You describe your sound as commercial deep house, how did you find the sound that described you?
 I think it's because I love dark deep house and I also love pop music so when I sit down to produce a little bit of both comes out and creates a type of fusion.

 7.     We heard somewhere that you didn’t think "Save Me" would be the track to bring you such success, how did you feel when you heard it went Gold?
Hahaha I honestly at first didn't even react till I got my gold plaque and hung it on my wall, that's when I started feeling good.

 8.     You are signed to Universal do you feel there is more pressure on you as an artist now that you are signed to an iconic label?
Nah, I don't think so I think it's not about the label but about the music I just make what I love and hope people love it too

9.     Rage is around the corner and you are on the lineup. How did you celebrate the end of your matric year?
I came to Rage hahahahaha

10.  What are you most looking forward to at Rage?
 I think just the response to my music to see if people know the words and are loving the vibes.

 11.  If you could collaborate with any of the internationals and locals on the Rage line who would you like to collaborate with?
Dzeko and Torres before I made deep house I was making progressive house l just ended up feeling they deep house was more for me, but I wouldn't mind revisiting prog for a collab :D

 12.  What can fans expect from you at Rage?
They can expect quite a lot of weird songs that I've made that I don't post online or share on social media as well as covers that I make.

13.   Do you have any words of advice for all the new matriculants?
 I would say follow what you love money isn't everything

14.  Lastly, do you have any last messages for your fans?
I love all my fans thank you for letting me follow my dreams
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