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Spotlight Exclusives Present a Night with Ivan Turanjanin



27th June – 9:00pm – 4:00am
VICE CITY – 4 Buiten Street, Cape Town

One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase and we are giving you a chance to win tickets to go on this musical journey.

Spotlight Exclusives Present a Night with Ivan Turanjanin

Ivan Turanjanin has been intrinsically bound to music from a young age. His progression from the classic side of things, into the rebellion of electric guitars and drums, and dj'ing at house parties to pay off his guitar and sound system, have paved an organic path from roots in indie rock to house and techno music.

Ivan's foothold in the music scene in Johannesburg, at the time rave culture took-off in South Africa; has followed him with a thud. As one of the pioneers of the techno sound in Cape Town, his sets carry a constructed commitment to techno's cultural heritage. A tastemaker and musical purist; Ivan has an uncanny ability to recognise and finely craft a sound which harks back to the beginnings of the Detroit Techno revolution, infused with the nuances of Berlin’s dark and moody pulse.

Believing that techno is an understanding of musical literacy, he schooled himself in the wide history of music before calling himself a techno dj. "Its what gives a lot of of the music context. But its not about knowing the history and therefore playing the classics; its about understanding why the music sounds like it does, and how we arrived at this point; which allows you to push things into the future."
Ivan Turanjanin

His impeccable taste and driving force is testament to a man whose life-long passion has been constantly evolving and tweaked to perfection, all the while keeping the singular headstrong vision of his roots – a quality and historically driven obsession with techno. It's this encompassing determination that has led to Ivan's co-direcrorship of CTEMF, Cape Town's pioneering Electronic Music Festival.

On why this slant of the electronic spectrum is the one he most connects with, Ivan says; "Techno is the past, its is the present and it is the future. Terribly cliché’d but its the truth. It allows an appreciation of all music types. If you can wrap your brain around the complex issues that techno as an art form raises, you will do fine with all types of music. In short, its the final destination and something that by its very definition continues to be at the forefront."

His accolades and musical experience come from his techno-hunting traverses, to Scotland's legendary Sub Club in Glasgow, where he opened for Kevin Saunderson, Berlin's Club der Visionaere where he mixed alongside Seth Troxler and Brett Johnson and recent, fun excursions to Croatia, where he played at the Lighthouse Festival in 2014.

Spotlight Exclusives is dedicated to the extended set journey. One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase and we are giving you a chance to win tickets to go on this musical journey.

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Question: Name the club where Ivan Tueanjanin played alongside Seth Troxler.
Competition closes 25th June  2015

> 9pm - 11pm Dogstarr
> 11pm - 4am Ivan Turajanin
> R40 before 11pm/ R60 after 11pm


Spotlight shines a light on the story of each of it's artists. Each event gives the artist the opportunity to take you on a journey of what makes them who they are, musically. In the form of an exclusive, all-night set, each Spotlight artist will take you through the sonic elements and genre's that have shaped them. In addition, they will select their own supporting act, someone they feel is suited to compliment what they have planned on their night. With the emphasis on the DJ, Spotlight aims to offer the punter an authentic experience, one stemming from a place any music enthusiast knows well: a place where good nights out are shaped by meandering journeys through beat-mapped jungles and top-end peaks.

Join us for Spotlight's 3-part Winter series at VICE CITY and bear witness to what promises to be something special, intimate and truly momentus.
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