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Jochen Miller Is Fearless

Jochen Miller – ‘Fearless’ [PRE-ORDER NOW]

Jochen Miller Fearless

Broadcasting his radio show ‘Stay Connected’ on an ever expanding list of stations, and releasing numerous compilations and outstanding records,… Jochen Miller has done it all. Except for creating his own studio album. But now, that long awaited moment has finally arrived!

With ‘Fearless’, Jochen Miller expands his impressive list of high quality releases with no less than eight progressive bangers, with a number of diverse and impressive vocal performances by various vocalists.

Whether it’s Hansen Tomas’ unique timbre on ‘A Million Pieces’, Chris Hordijk’s massive contribution to ‘Fearless’, or a huge instrumental tune like ‘Turn It Up’, every single record on the album showcases Jochen Miller’s limitless creativity, substantiating his vision on what Electronic Dance Music should sound like. A sublime fusion of various musical styles, progressive sounds and his own personal taste.

Release date: May 29th
Pre-order on iTunes . 

Watch the Official Music Video of the first single of the album, ‘A Million Pieces’ feat. Hansen Tomas, below

  1. Jochen Miller feat. Hansen Tomas - A Million Pieces (Radio Edit) (03:19)
  2. Jochen Miller feat. Robin Valo - We Are (Radio Edit) (03:29)
  3. Jochen Miller - Atomic (Radio Edit) (02:56)
  4. Jochen Miller feat. Chris Hordijk - Fearless (Radio Edit) (03:33)
  5. Jochen Miller - Turn It Up (Radio Edit) (02:48)
  6. Jochen Miller feat. Simone Nijssen - Slow Down (Radio Edit) (03:16)
  7. Jochen Miller - Beatbox (Radio Edit) (02:41)
  8. Jochen Miller feat. S-House - A Thousand Days (Radio Edit) (03:32)
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