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Majid Jordan |  Forever 

majid jordan

Fresh off their "V People" feature in V Magazine's 2015 spring preview, OVO Sound's singer-producer duo Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, better known as Majid Jordan, release the third visual from their A Place Like This EP, "Forever" directed by Jamie Webster of Common Good.

Forever features smooth vocals, simple production and an all round infectious melody.


Majid Jordan are still in shock, after a very good year. Apart from their widely successful EP, A Place Like This, the Toronto-based producers were responsible for Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home,” one of the most notable tracks from Nothing Was the Same. “I started writing to a beat that Nineteen85 made—another producer we work with—and Jordan flipped that beat, combining his drums with my vocals,” says 24-year-old Majid, a Bahrain native. “Then Drake heard it and was like, ‘I want to make something with this.’ We walked into the studio the next day, and he had tracked it.”

Naturally, this high-profile project caught the music industry’s attention. “When we first came out, there was this whole investigation into who we were, because nobody knew and then all of a sudden we were on this song that was everywhere,” Jordan, 21, explains. “The whole thing literally happened overnight.”

The pair originally met at a bar in Toronto as college students. With Majid’s vocal and lyrical talents and Jordan’s writing and production skills, they were an instant match. “I showed him some refs of some songs I really liked, and he was completely on the same page,” Majid says. “The next morning he had a track written and I had one recorded, and we made two songs right there in his dorm room.” 

Not much has changed, even as the two work on their first full-length album. “We’ve kept the same process since the beginning—after-hours, low-key, separate but together,” says Jordan. “But now people are listening.” The musicians feel that, in part, they’ve garnered fans because their contrasting sensibilities reflect the changing musical landscape. “People either listen for the sonic qualities or for the meaning and emotion you get from the song. We try to accomplish both.” 

A Place Like This is available on iTunes  

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