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Interview || Turn It Up With Wolfpack

Exclusive Interview With DJ Duo Wolfpack Ahead Of Their South Africa Tour This November  

Exclusive artists to Smash The House, the Wolfpack hype continues to spread like wildfire around the world. Mainstage sets at Tomorrowland 2012, tours of India, South America, Europe and beyond, and huge hits that include 'Miracle' and the 2013 Beatport #1 smash 'Turn It Up' - co-produced with mentors Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and GTA - have opened the duo up to a huge global audience that crosses not just borders but continents and land masses. With their Tomorrowland Aftermovie Smash Hit 'Ocarina' on the way... 2013 was massive for them and 2014 is shaping up to be their biggest year yet, it seems that the rise of the Wolfpack has only just begun…


Hello Steve and Ruben, thank you so much for doing this interview with us, its such a pleasure 

1. How are you doing and what song best describes each of you?
Hey doing fine, thnx! Mmm maybe Ain’t no party without me lol

2. Together you from Wolfpack how did you two meet and what lead to the forming of Wolfpack?
We met at a very young age, when we were still going to school. Our passion has always been music and that’s how we ended up working together as Wolfpack.

3. What have been some of the challenges you guys faced when starting out?
First of all getting your name out there of course. We did a lot of promo shows when we started. In the beginning we also had to get used to the long travel/no sleep play repeat lifestyle.

4. Ocarina with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike was the TomorrowWorld anthem and it was a beatport number 1. Did you expect such success from the track? 
Ocarina actually came from a Wednesday afternoon of studio/BBQ session with the boys, we immediately felt it had an amazing vibe but of course we could have never expected it to be so successful.

5. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and GTA have mentored you, how has this helped your career and what have been some of the lessons you learnt from them? 
Turn it up is still one of our favorite tracks. Working together with them was really cool, it actually was the first time we reached number 1 on the general Beatport top 100 chart. So that gave us a real boost of course.

6. Describe your sound using 3 words.
Firealarm, Electro and Sex

7. What does this button do is your latest track featured on Smasher EP 1, we feel there’s more to the track title, what inspired the track and the title?
We just bought the new Virus TI, and i think the rest speaks for itself :)

8. Which producers do you look up to and who do you think is the best producer out there at present?                                                      
We’ve spend a lot of time with Dimitri and Mike in the studio, and we’re still learning from them everyday :)

9. Do you remember the first gig you played at, what was the experience like, did you love it or hate it? 
Our very first gig was when we where 15 years old, hahahaha , our first mentionable gig was Tomorrowland 2011 and was one of the best days of our lives 

10. You have an upcoming South Africa tour; We have to ask this one what are your perceptions of South Africa and what are you most looking forward to? 
If we can believe our fellow dj’ s, you guys know how to party And of course we are looking forward on seeing SA.

11. What can we expect from your performances in South Africa?
It’s gonna be WILD!

12. One of your gigs in South Africa is Space Ibiza 25th Year Anniversary World Tour. Have you had the chance to play and party at Space Ibiza? What do you remember from the experience?
top100djs wolfpackWe had a residency at Amnesia this summer so we didn’t had the chance to play at Space but we did had some great times there, it’s really an awesome club!

13. Congratulations on making it into the DJ Mag top 100 as a New Entry at 84. What does this mean for you?
Thank you, it really feels like a reward for all our hard work from the past years and motivates us even more to make the next year even bigger and better!

14. The DJ Mag top 100 poll is not liked by many DJs what are some of your views on the poll?
Don’t know, for us it's a real honor to be in the top 100.

15. Lastly, if we had to visit Belgium where would you take us first?
Grounds of Tomorrowland , Belgium wafels and for a cold beer : )  

Rapid Fire…

Choose two celebrities to be your parents.
Johnny Deb & Jennifer Aniston

Your celebrity crush is?
Doutzen Kroes :-) 

If you weren’t in music what would you be doing?
Can’t really say, music is a big word, probably still something related to music.

What is the one thing that irritates you the most (your pet hate)?

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?
So it would stay warm during the winter.

Do you have any last messages for your fans?
Thank you so much!!! Keep Smashing it!


Catch Wolfpack playing in South Africa this November at Rage Festival 2014 #BreakFree and Space Ibiza 25th Year Anniversary

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