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Soul Candi Sessions 2015 Out Now

Soul Candi Records has proudly Releases Soul Candi Sessions 15 Mixed by Lulo Cafe, Cuebur, Harael Salkow, Tellaman and Mo Flava 

soul candi sessions 2015

Soul Candi’s flagship Sessions series is an annual milestone that all house heads look forward to. Soul Candi Sessions 2015 could be described as the hottest edition yet. Featuring a dynamic combination of artists, DJs and Producers this album is a collector’s must-have. Said industry leaders includes the soulful Lulo Cafe, boundary-breaking Cuebur, LDV-master Harael Salkow, new-comer Tellaman and YFM’s favourite Mo Flava.

Lulo Cafe Metro FM DJ and much-loved producer (especially by the ladies) Lulo Cafe was the first to be announced as a featured artist on Soul Candi Sessions 2015. His compilation is a soulful opener to the album. It is filled with great local production and remixes as well as one of his own songs featuring Bongeziwe thrown into the mix. Songs to look out for on his disc also include Zano - ‘No Lie’ (The Layabouts Remix), Kid FOnque featuring Nia Andrews - ‘What I Do’ and Terri Walker -‘He Loves Me’.

Cuebur the second featured artist is someone who has recently been making waves in the industry with his contribution to Andyboi’s album “Trail Evolution” as well as his most recent release, “The Floor EP”. Cuebur has been performing internationally this year in both Paris and London and warns his fans to be prepared for “great music” on his Soul Candi Sessions 2015 disc. Filled with mostly his
own productions featuring artists like Thandi Draai, Khensi and Zano. There is also a Cuebur remix of Empire of the Sun - ‘We Are The People’ that can’t be missed.

soul candi sessions 15

Harael Salkow, aka Daddy H at Soul Candi HQ, will be featured on the album once again this year and promises an album that maintains the high standards his fans expect as well as the hottest dance tracks from the season. Known for his Sunset Sessions that gets shared with fans weekly, it can be said that only hottest dance tracks from the season will be included. His disc follows his La Dolce Vita theme and some stand out tracks featured are Spiritchaser - ‘Find A Way’. Zhu - ‘Faded’ and Kiesza - ‘Hideaway’. Definitely a party-starter!

New to the scene as well as Sessions is the Durban-based Tellaman. His album is the featured artist album and includes all his own productions and vocals. The first single to be released off his album is “Drinks & Music” featuring Okmalumkoolkat which has already received an excellent response from the fans! Tellaman. Other features included are Skywanda, Lastee and Aristides J Manhique. A music video will be dropping soon for his first single - no doubt big things are happening for this new kid on the block!

Rounding off the fantastic featured five is the YFM DJ Mo Flava. Known for his drive time show on YFM from 3PM - 7PM as well as being a presenter on Club 808, Mo Flava is no stranger in the music industry and a perfect fit for the Sessions brand. Not only a DJ, his disc includes some of his own productions too where he worked closely with Cocosoul. Other featured artists to look out for on his disc includes Danny K, Nathan Mayor and D-Malice. Mo Flava is bringing the VIBE and ending this album with a bang!

The fans won’t be disappointed.  Soul Candi Sessions 2015 promises to be one of the hottest Sessions releases to date and its no surprise when you look at the credentials of the artists contributing to it this year. A calculated combination of newcomers, established producers and an excellent team working hard to perfect everything behind the scenes there is no doubt that this may be one of the years biggest house albums. Soul Candi Sessions 2015 album includes only the best from Lulo Cafe, Cuebur, Harael Salkow, Tellaman and Mo Flava - who is YOUR favourite?

Track list to Soul Candi Sessions 15

soul candi sessions 15 tracklist

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