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David Tort & Roland Clark - The Pleasure Dome

Welcome To David Tort & Roland Clark's Pleasure Dome 

the pleasure dome

When  a  producer  comes  to  the  table  with  such  a  powerful  track,  it creates something of a real buzz within the label. This is exactly what the legendary Spanish producer David Tort has managed  to do  teaming up with  the  widely  acclaimed  Roland  Clark  to  showcase “The  Pleasure  Dome”. 

David Tort comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience, with hits such  as  “One  Look”  (Axtone),  “Raveline”  (Ulta) and  most  recently  his acidy  driving  weapon “Dizzy” (Size Records).  Residents  of  Miami  can usually  find  David  on  the  terrace  at  Space  slamming  down  his  typical driving  style,  big  beefy  bass  lines  and  energetic  powerful  grooves. David’s specialty over the years has been to provide big, credible tracks that rock  the  dance  floor;  he  delivers  once again…  The match  with Roland Clark is a sure fire hit. Roland has worked amongst some of the finest artists  on  the  planet,  providing  his  unmistakable  smooth  vocals, transforming the music into something with soul and meaning! “The  Pleasure  Dome”  gives  you  that  feeling  that  you  are in  for  a  real ride  from  start  to  finish. David’s use of acid lines is pure genius, mixed with  the  popping,  aggressive  percussion  and  Roland’s  infectious  vocal; this track is not for the faint hearted. Peak time techy-progressive how it should be. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome on Zerothree.

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