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Alex MORPH - Nitro - Out Now On VANDIT Records


For everyone's favourite trucker-cap-wearing trance master, the VANDIT keyword's been 'collaboration' this year. 'Magnum' with Corti Organ, Woody van Eyden-co-op 'A Night Outside' and 'Trancemission' alongside Russia's DJ Feel, each has delivered mass event exhilaration. Latterly though Alex has found a little studio 'alone time' for himself. The result is 'Nitro' and - full disclosure - there will acid. Buckets of it!

Ready to deliver some good Old Testament-type vengeance unto the club, 'Nitro' hits the floor running, doing a 100mph from its very first 4-bar. That aforementioned 303's served tweakin' hot & pH1 strong and comes platformed on fast running drums & aggressively distorted FX, further galvanized by wickedly infectious pitch bends. 

In the break, he lays up with contrasting calmer synthesized sweep and celestial chime. The reprieve is brief one though and almost before you've caught your breath, Alex begins to crank 'Nitro' back up the right way. At the cusp of the drop - with club-mageddon in the crosshairs - he executes a swift acid bring-back and working the mod-wheel like a man possessed sends 'Nitro' supernova. 


01: 'Nitro'

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