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KlangKuenstler has unveiled the release of his new single ‘Man On The Moon’ featuring folk singer Alice Phoebe Lou

KlangKuenstler‘Man On The Moon’ Ft Alice Phoebe Lou (Umami remix)

Stream it here: 

Other remixes from Miguel Campbell & SoKool
(Sunday Best)
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Stream the original 'Man On The Moon' here:
Stream the SoKool remix here:

The young Berlin based electronic artist KlangKuenstler has unveiled the release of his new single ‘Man On The Moon’ featuring folk singer Alice Phoebe Lou. The track, to be released through Rob Da Bank’s Sunday Best, simply blew up when it first hit sound cloud ten months ago and will be the first single to be taken from the 23-year old’s upcoming album ’That’s Me’ and includes enigmatic remixes from Hot Creations mainstay Miguel Campbell, and two of Berlin’s most exciting electronic duo's Umami and SokooL. 
Michael Korb, more commonly known as KlangKuenstler, has been crafting his uniquely warm, melodic productions for years - first receiving attention with his tracks such as ‘Freudentraene’ which marked a huge milestone in his fledging career with over 2 millions plays on Youtube to date. 
2014 holds big plans for KlangKuenstler, and in between his the release of the single and the much awaited release of his album, KlangKuenstler will be tearing up cities all around the Europe, playing his captivating live shows at events such as Habitat and Berlin Festival. You can catch him in the UK this July at GlobalGathering
1. Man On The Moon ft. Alice Phoebe Lou 
2. Man On The Moon ft. Alice Phoebe Lou (Umami Remix) 
3. Man On The Moon ft. Alice Phoebe Lou (SokooL Remix) 
28.06 Stil Vor talent Label Night , Braunschweig

05.07 All We Want Festival, Goch

12.07 Romy S, Stuttgart

19.07 Habitat Festival, Hohenlockenstadt
 25.07 GlobalGathering, UK
01.08 Tanzhaus West , Frankfurt 
02.08 Jagdauf Am See Festival, Nobitz

08.08 SONNE MOND STERNE Festival, Saalbach

16.08 MTV Mobile, Cologne

24.08 Stil Vor Talent Open Air , Braunschweig

06.09 Pleinvrees, Amsterdam

07.09 Berlin Festival

13.09 Penthaus, Erding

For more information on KlangKuenstler, see below:

For more information on Sunday Best, see below:
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