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Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magenta Live [Review]

Personifying trance music’s energy in both approach and output, Italian legend Giuseppe Ottaviani brings us Magenta LIVE!

Personifying trance music’s energy in both approach and output, Italian legend Giuseppe Ottaviani brings us Magenta LIVE! Since 2006 Giuseppe has shown us a revolutionary new way to enhance the concert going experience, drawing on his vast audio knowledge he has moved away from the conventional turntable and mixer set up to bring us a more complete concert experience. Packing up his studio and reassembling it all the way in Argentina must have been a truly arduous task but on April 12th  his hard work and dedication paid off as thousands of Argentinean music lovers garrisoned in the arena ready to make trance history.

This amazing live recorded marvel kicks off sublimely with ‘Love will bring it all around’ a vocal track which features the smooth voice of Eric Lumiere uplifting and carrying the melody across the crowed. Its progressive beat is a perfect warm up, coupled with angelic vocals it sends the screaming fans into a frenzy. Beautiful. Progression being the key word for today as Giuseppe stuns the once roaring crowed as he brings in his next track ‘Nothing wrong’ another blissfully uplifting track featuring Faith. 

Giuseppe seems bent on feeding the crowds soul. Up next the extended version of the very appropriately named ‘Passion’ a 134bpm prog monster! It doesn’t last long though Giuseppe cuts to ‘Walk this world with me’ a in my opinion true contender as one of the greatest vocal trance tracks ever, featuring the sweet voice of the lovely Audrey Gallagher. If you’re a lover of hard progressive beats together with awesome vocals then you’ll love ‘Rush’ featuring Lo-Fi sugar. In at number 6 is the album titled song ‘Magenta’ and wow this extended live mix together Ferry Corsten is a true testament to modern Trance music. Up next is an array of truly quality productions such as ‘Feel the music’, ‘Liverpool’, ‘In this together’ with the benevolent Alana Aldea , ‘Illusion’ featuring Stephen Pickup, ‘Stars’ featuring Linnea Schossow’s entrancing voice, ‘Cold flame’ and ‘Brilliant people’ this organised masterpiece with its piano build is enough to bring tears to anyone who listens to it. Together with Egyptian Trance legends Aly & Fila this future classic is without flaw. Finally ending off his mix with ‘Waiting on someday’ alongside Vitamin B another brilliant vocal tune.     

Magenta live is not simply a live recorded set re-sold it is a stepping stone, the extended live mixes coupled together with the screaming fans makes you feel as if you are in Argentina raving alongside them. Even I had my hands up and my eyes closed as the uplifting beats transported me, the experience is so surreal the only way you know that you are not in that crowed of thousands is the fact that nobody is stepping on your feet. Giuseppe has changed live set recording he has found away to bring Trance to the masses I personally can not wait to see what this Italian giant will come up with next. 
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