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Get ready to 'Ascend' with Sean Tyas!

Sean Tyas - Ascend


Subsequent to the release of "Now You See," thriving trance music heavyweight Sean Tyas reveals his first single on his new label home, Black Hole Recordings. Tyas' recent mega hit single "Now You See" marked a career-high achievement with an impressive chart performance, reigning high within the (Beatport Trance) Top 5 for 6 consecutive weeks, after peaking at #2. The follow up single, "Ascend," continues in the same vein, as the melodic mastermind takes listeners on a hypnotic aural journey.

Giving a retro-Tyas vibe, "Ascend" begins with ripping acid intro bits and a tough bassline that will command every inch of the dancefloor. Though the mood stays dark and melodic throughout, the track's spiraling breakdown features an integral part of Tyas' signature hit-making formula---resilient arpeggiated piano chords. Being sure to keep things fresh and forward thinking, Tyas incorporates unpredictable transitions and intricate percussion elements, evidencing a newer side of Tyas' higher level skill of production.

"Ascend" hits digital music shelves on May 19th as a Beatport exclusive!

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Release Date: May 19, 2014 [BEATPORT]
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