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BANKS (prod. by Tim Anderson) - Change (The Chainsmokers Hot&Steamy Edit) (Free DL)

Every time our friends the Chainsmokers send us something we know its going to be amazing! Check out their new Hot and steamy edit of BANKS (prod. by Tim Anderson) - Change.

Note on its making from the Chainsmokers (this is a bit more serious):

This piece of music we can all relate to, lyrics that describe one of the most painful part of love, the end. You know that moment when you are desperately in love but completely helpless. Yet you foolishly struggle to do anything you can to keep that person you love from leaving you. Its about trying again and again, to no avail to change and be that person you are sure you could be, but its too late. The feeling of being suffocated by the reality that you are powerless, and hope is a memory long forgotten. Its a song that is so beautiful in its darkness, yet we thought we could take that sadness, throw a proverbial leather jacket on her, let her hair down, wipe off those tears, and then hit that town that same night with a bottle of black and mission to forget and we think we did just that with or Edits...

PS- she is on tour with The Weeknd and she is INCREDIBLE live...

So yeah, we made a deep house song/edit... its awesome... is it different than we we normally do? Hell yes, is it awesome, definitely, you know us by now... we make music because we want ppl to experience emotion, and this song does that, so to us, yea its not our normal format, but its still achieves everything we hope to accomplish as producers... So no synth work, no rolling builds, just a groove that will hopefully have you riding around late night...

We got sexy to this now its your turn ;)

Small Bio:
The Chainsmokers are coming off their last The Wanted - We Own The Night Remix which hit #1 on HypeM. They are releasing their highly anticipated Icona Pop GF Remix on the 21st of October and are headlining Webster Hall this Friday the 11th in NYC....

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