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Thursday Must Have Throwback Orjan Nilsen La Guitarra



Dubbed by many as the Viking of trance, hailing from the land of trolls and Vikings Orjan Nilsen is a name that all trance music lovers know. Dedicated, hardworking and energetic describe this producer to a T. Ørjans made a splash on Dutch label Armada Music with the track “Red Woods” released in 2006 under his DJ Governor alias, and over the years Ørjan found his groove, flashing samples of his huge potential, with “La Guitarra” (2008), Lovers Lane and So Long Radio (2010). Ørjan went on to release his first artist album in 2011 titled “In My Opinion” which stormed up sales charts and catapulted Ørjan onto the watch-list of every EDM-fan around. 

We believe he needs no introduction and with his long-awaited South African debut on the 8th and 9th of April, this weeks Throwback track belongs to the Viking. A special track out of his endless list of iconic releases La Guitarra was dedicated to Orjan’s deceased brother Ernst, who died of cancer in December 2007. ‘La Guitarra grew to be one of the biggest summer tracks of the summer of  2008. Orjan: “At that time I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to sign the track, but it would have been stupid not to. This way it was broadcasted and could give my brother a place which I think he deserved, backing me up and supporting me for all those years. That it became a summer-hit and became as big as it did, just got me up as a producer and an artist. I had a lot of messages from people who told me how much that track meant to them, given the story behind the track, and just one or two messages like that would have been enough for me to feel that I’ve accomplished something with a track that emotional. ‘La Guitarra’ will always mean a lot to me, even if it was ‘just another summer tune’ for some.” A mixed feeling is what ‘La Guitarra’ gave to Orjan - (taken from an interview with Armada Music).

Orjan nilsen south africa tour 2016

We hope La Guitarra fills your day with rays of sunshine, hope and maybe a few tears. May it remind you of everything that is special to you! 
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