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Monday Must Have Mix Johannes Brecht



Johannes Brecht Recorded Live At Indigo Istanbul

There are bustling talents and there are reclusive virtuoso. Johannes Brecht undoubtedly fits in both categories. As a studio and live musician for many German major artists, Brecht was able to build a reputation as a talented newcomer in recent years. A whiz who acted mostly in the background - this is where Brecht felt most comfortable. Therefore, it makes little sense to pigeonhole the man from Stuttgart in only one genre. Let’s try it another way: A classically trained and professional musician roughs up the electronic music scene.

Johannes Brecht stands for something that you can call the sound of the future. He is a bustling talent, a musician, a multi-instrumentalist and an exciting producer a potent newcomer with a feel-good vision. His mix recorded live at Indigo in Istanbul showcases the potency of his skills. The mix takes you through the intricate layers of music production while at the same time taking you through the intricate layers of your emotions. It will leave you with an indescribable desire. it will leave you wanting more.

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