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RWAC Takes Listeners On A Journey With Im Schlepptau Lfo



RWAC - Im Schlepptau Lfo

RWAC is a project based on a selection of old analogue modular technology. Straight out of Germany  RWAC is made up of three passionate individuals, Mario Hammer, Andreas Beiderwieden and Virgil Stefan. Between the 3 of them they have over 40 years of different music experience. Putting their different musical training RWAC was formed with one goal in mind, to create dreamy tracks which gives the listener insight into their passion.

Drawing inspiration from Tale of Us, Mind Against and Stephan Bodzin we were drawn into their sound immediately. Their distinctive sound is a true result of the selective minds of the producer behind RWAC. Together they have transferred the mightiness of sound into a true gatecrasher. It is a well known fact that to unlock analog modular synthesizers you have to connect them by cable. The right connection gives you the best sound you can get. This is just like RWAC shows!

Im Schlepptau Lfo breaks down the distinctive "technoid" of RWAC which stems from the different musical direction of each member in the trio. The track is indicative of the mere fact that they know what sound people love and want to hear on the dance floor. Im Schlepptau Lfo begs the listener to take an emotional journey with the producer, a journey where one  ends up on a secluded beach with not a care in the world, and according to RWAC life is much easier on the coast.
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