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Phizicist started throwing Dubstep SA parties in Pretoria before Skrillex growl tutorials took over the world and smoking cigarettes was not as frowned upon. 

His influence and presence in the electronic music scene in Pretoria and South Africa has been profoundly impacting and yet significantly humble, to say the least. 

His decision to focus his time on making music of all genres has succeeded in changing many peoples lives and views on bacon, cheese and syrup on french toast. 

His pasta will also make you believe in God. With Phizicist's name making an appearance on the  Arcade Empire & Griet presents: Halloween 2015 line-up we had a quick chat with him to find out more. 


Hello Phizicist Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview with us we are so excited!

1. Before we start can you tell us a little more about who you are on a non musical front? 

No-one in particular, just an average dude doing average human things here and there. Read books when I can and google what I don’t know. 

2. Tell us how did you find yourself following a career in music and specifically dance music?

I wasted too much time in front of the pc, I liked making music and well, then the whole EDM explosion happened and now, here I am. Guess I was on the right bus at the right time. 

3. Can you give us some more insight to the name?

I wanted to become a scientist for NASA when I was younger. Name stuck from high school when I used to dabble in rapping. 

4. You made a splash in the dubstep scene, in your opinion how has the love for dubstep in South Africa evolved over the years? Are people more open to appreciating dubstep?

I’m not particularly sure. People love to hate dubstep. What people’s view points or acceptance of dubstep is/are, I’m not concerned anymore. People like what they do, and each to their own I guess. Sometimes you’ll get away with a couple Dubstep tunes but in case you’ve missed the bus: DUBSTEP IS DEAD (apparently and it isn’t cool to like Dubstep)

5. You are playing at the Halloween 2015, we need to ask do you believe in ghosts and the other side of life?

Everything is just a mere illusion, life is a passing whisper in the cosmic whirlwind we’re all involved in. In short – yes I do believe in imaginary things. 

6. What can people expect from your set at Halloween 2015?

Music: Sexy, bouncey and vibes all round, jumping genres and setting the tone for the night with my homie Kid Robot. 

7. Everyone knows it mandatory to dress up on Halloween what are you going to be dressing up as this year?

Come watch us and you’ll see. Keeping it secretive. 

8. Do you have any funny Halloween or spooky stories to share with us

During Halloween, when I was younger, my best mate and I used to blow up postboxes using Pool Cleaner and Aluminum foil. 

9. Which would you pick to be a witch, wizard, vampire or ghost and why?

Wizard, because Harry Potter. 

10. Trick or treat?

Trick. Fuck all that treats garbage, I think we need to accelerate heart rates, not give children diabetes. 

11. Lastly, what tracks are currently playing on repeat on your ipod at the moment?

Not on my iPod but on my pc. Card On Spokes – Lead Me To The Water EP, Chee – Schrödinger EP, Eyedea & Abilities – First Born, Amon Tobin –Dark Jovian and Vangelis – Blade Runner OST. 

12. Do you have any last messages for your fans?

Don’t do drugs, stay in school and clean up after yourselves ffs. 

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