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Israeli Tag Team Guy Mantzur And Roy RosenfelD Give You Epika


Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfelD | Epika 


Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfelD  Epika Kompakt

A rather playful release from Israeli producer tag team GUY MANTZUR and ROY ROSENFELD, picking up the breadcrumb trail left by classic club genres like techno or house and creating something very unique, very personal and - most of all - very magical with it.

EPIKA appropriately titled is a masterful exercise in well-orchestrated intensity, embedded in a laid-back, but deliberately grooving progression of distinct musical elements. As always, the Moroder lies in the detail, making this a more than rewarding listening - and dancing - experience. Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfelD give you summer in a track  with Epika. Press play and imagine dancing away your troubles on a secluded beach under the sun.

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