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Feel The Roses With The Chainsmokers and Rozes


The Chainsmokers Ft. Rozes - Roses  

The Chainsmokers Ft. Rozes - Roses

With hits like #Selfie and Kanye The Chainsmokers need no introduction. Roses is their 3rd original release of 2015 co-written with singer/songwriter Rozes. The song steps away from the sound you might the know duo but beyond a shadow of a doubt takes them back to their delicate melodic indie dance roots.

Experimental chords, earthy vocals, indie, pop, dance, and bass mixed with some Chainsmokers fairy dust results in a sound that is exclusive to The Chainsmokers.  Simply put Roses is a song that will be special to you and you won't know why. This is also the first song on which the boys co-wrote the lyrics and the first song on which Drew sings on .

If you trying to understand more about their change in style, this is what the duo had to say: 

"This song represents an inherent change in the right direction not the beginning but the end of that transition, almost like we have finally come full circle to a place musically we are finally completely happy with a song. That is not just a reflection us personally but also a reflection of us currently. That isn't to say we wont continue to evolve and take chances and the music will all sound the same but this to us felt as natural as drinking the bottle of patron every show..."

Roses certainly whet our musical appetite and had left us curious to see what else the duo has in store for us for the rest of 2015.

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