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Tuesday Must Have Track | Stephan Bodzin Singularity


Stephan Bodzin Unleashes Singularity 

Stephan Bodzin Singularity

Artist: Stephan Bodzin 
Title: Singularity EP 
Label: Life and Death 
Cat: LAD022
 Release: 25-May-2015 
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Rising from humble beginnings like Icarus heading towards the skies, Singularity plots its course for the stratosphere as it heads ever onwards and upwards...but unlike Icarus this is a tempered and restrained ascent not an easy task to pull off but one that makes the impact so much stronger for it's subtle, ever evolving simplicity.

With a melody that comes on like a half-remembered memory and lingers long after the sound itself fades away, Singularity stays with you, carefully weaving its way around your mind with its seductive drum beats, a steady, forceful pulse and its percussion jumps in and out like Billy Pilgrim skipping thru time.The combined effect is something much more than the sum of its parts. Somehow this simple tune creates an entire techno world of its own and sucks you in ever so slowly while you lose yourself in the process..

On the flip side, Monoloc exercises an equal and proportional restraint in his take on things. Like a voice emerging from a faded dream, the melody peeks out behind a curtain of reverb and industrial drums compellingly foreshadowing its full potential. Growing from there, the atmosphere slowly engulfs the listener until finally the slow build up reaches its full force providing a fantastic re-imagining of the original with an almost romantic yet no less powerful conclusion.

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