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Fehrplay Returns to mau5trap With Renegade


Fehrplay Renegade

Ferhplay Renegade Mau5trap


A spot on the Pryda Friends roster of talent has not hurt this young Norwegian’s chances at reclaiming the world of progressive house with unprecedented force. Whilst championing the sound of his peers within the Pryda Friends stronghold, Ferhplay's own sound is a concoction of cinematic scores and melodic composure, his lust to evoke emotion in a coherent manner for the club floor has made this a tough sound to box, but one that continues to thrill amid the cookie cutter generation. With an ethos that a good melody and poignant groove can reign indestructible, the journey from 2012’s ‘Incognito’ to Everywhere You Go,’Phantom’,  and the deep and melodic ‘Monte’ has kept fans and industry tastemakers in awe. From outspoken euphoria to cuts from the playbooks of deep house and techno, his studio repertoire to date plays with unlimited calibre.

Jonas, or as most know him Ferhplay makes his second appearance on Deadma5's mau5trap with Renegade, a dark, moody track with hypnotic tendencies. 

“It’s always a pleasure to welcome Jonas back to the mau5trap family! Recently joining us for the latest We Are Friends offering with a 9 minute live edit of “Pyara”, our Norwegian friend is back with “Renegade”. Dark, moody, hypnotic…basically Fehrplay at his best. This one’s a lot of fun.” – mau5trap HQ 

“Excited to sign another record with mau5trap. Renegade is a track that has been part of my live set for a few months now. It usually comes out when it’s way past bedtime, and the crowd wants something dirty” - Fehrplay.

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