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Pink Panda And Andy Manning Are Breaking The Chains

PINK PANDA feat. Andy Manning - CHAINS

Chains – Radio Edit (Original Mix)

PINK PANDA feat. Andy Manning - CHAINS
Pink Panda's story starts in the 1990s when at the early age of 3 months old, the two cubs were stolen out of China and shipped off to Britain for animal / human DNA experimentation. They were kept for years at a top secret facility and bombarded with easy listening music to sooth their ever expanding panda brains. The pandas ultimately rebelled - as most pandas do - and escaped their captors in search of hard, uplifting, soul filling music they could relate to. This lead them straight into the arms of EDM and ever since have committed their panda lives to producing and dj'ing. Pink Panda stands for pioneering only the best in cutting edge house music for a future generation. The panda's have now taken a new direction and this had lead them to launch their very own label Pandamoniam!

Chains is the debut release on Pandamonia and combines the production abilities of  Pink Panda with the vocal talents of Andy Manning. Chains kicks of with a haunting piano melody and is focused on Andy Manning’s soaring vocals complimented by  epic synth work and piano hooks, creating a real ear worm that listeners will want to hear time and again.

In addition to the original Chains comes with an underground Pink Panda’s ‘Future Groove Mix. This is the epitome of where the pandas see the big room sound evolving; moving to a darker, more driving and techy progressive sound. The Future Groove mix will whip anyone within ear shot into a frenzy.

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