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Landing On Tritonia With Tritonal


Chatting All Things Tritonia With Tritonal

tritonal interview tritonia 2015

Watch a live performance by TRITONAL and you'll understand what all the hype is about. After making a name for themselves as the up-and-comers to watch, the American production and DJ duo consisting of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have firmly situated themselves as one of the most electrifying acts in the international EDM scene. Their zest for life and music is apparent to anyone who's witnessed them in person or through their speakers and is just one reason why they resonate intensely with their loyal followers, "Tritonians."

The Texan duo have always made an impression - continuing in that very same awe-striking vein, Chad and Dave present the long-awaited and much anticipated sequel to their hugely successful debut Tritonia compilation. Tritonia - Chapter 002 we caught up with them to find out more .

Hello, Chad and Dave a very warm welcome to TIE.  Thank you for taking time out to do this interview with us. It is a huge pleasure.

tritonal interview 2015
How are you doing? Since Miami is the buzzword what’s the one thing you love the most about MMW?

Dave - We’re doing awesome!!! Miami is such a fun place to be right now being that not only the weather is nice, but so many artists, musicians and DJs alike are performing - it’s always a pleasure to perform during MMW! But I’d say, the one thing we love most about miami would indeed be the weather ;)

This is a staple TIE question, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?

Chad - Our last trip there!! Twas amazing, the people, the vibe, the fans, the food!

We know you toured SA a few years ago what was the stand out moment from that tour?

Chad - Upon landing, we were immediately put live on FM radio and within 15 mins we were trending on South African Twitter! So dope!!

Can you tell us a little more about who you are? If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

Chad - Music would def still be a big part of my life. If I weren’t producing professionally, I very well may be teaching at University as a professor. Love school, love learning!!

What is a typical day like in each of your life? How do you go from idea to finished product?

Chad - 10-11am start time, crank for 6-7 hours and then break for dinner, workout and some down time. We inevitably do a lot of work at nights touching base with collaborators, label work, management communication, etc. We start with the backbone of an idea, whether its a vocal we wrote in session or a melody we came up with on a plane, and try to build that idea out into a song that will last a long time. No easy task!

Tritonal started out as trance, over the years the Tritonal sound has changed what for you guys has been the biggest change to the Tritonal sound?

Chad - We left trance, pretty abruptly I’d say, ha! Its no diss on trance, still love a lot of what’s coming out from that camp. At the time of departure, we were getting inspired by different sounds. The biggest advancement in Tritonal’s production has been Dave and I’s maturation as real “song writers.” We are in the sessions with vocalists, guitar players and other musicians and are very conscious about the chorus, harmonies, lyrical imagery and hooks. We feel like we’re writing real songs now. When I say “real song,” I mean a song that has much more musical structure from a melodica standpoint than what we used to make. We’ve always been pretty solid engineers and sound design geeks. I fee like we’re matching that with song writing skills. We feel great about it!!

You have just released Tritonia002.  What does the compilation represent for Tritonal?

Dave - Yes we did! It really kind of shows where are heads are at musically — down to each and every track selection. Each song contained on the compilation represents something we LOVE about music.. there’s a ‘coolness’ factor, so-to-speak, on either the sound design, the hook, the melody or even the vocal! Additionally, we love putting something out containing music WE believe in! We’re really happy so far with the success of Tritonia 002!

How did you guys decide on a track list and how long did it take to finalize the track list?

Dave - It takes quite a bit! On this compilation, it took months! We had a lot of A&Ring going between us and artists and the label! Song choices really are what’s immediately ‘felt’ in our gut.. any song that really makes a statement, etc. Of course on deciding on tracks, there are many attributes we feel they need to have - where’s the melody at? is it hooky enough? Is that vocal just blah or is it amazing? So much goes into every choice we have :)

Tritonia features release from Enhanced members as well as upcoming stars how do you guys make time between touring to actively search for new talent and what makes a track stand out to you?

Dave - We’re slammed for sure! haha! Nah, we make time because this is what we do! On the road, we are constantly listening to new material, contacting the artists involved to even sometimes having a phone call discussing a given record. Like I mentioned before in some of the previous questions, a track can really stand out if it makes a statement, it’s unique, show’s maturity in melody, progression and sound design, etc!

If you had to compare Tritonia 001 to Tritonia 002 how has the quality of music changed over the year? What are some major differences in the sounds?

Dave - Great question!  Sounds have definitely evolved since the first compilation! I’d say, that if you played them front to back consecutively, you can totally hear the growth in the artists as well as some newer sounds - however, nothing beats a good song - if it’s a good song.. it’s a good song! 

What sound do you think is going to be big in 2015?

Chad - Well tropical house, deep house and this new Big meets Deep house sound are what’s going strong at the minute! Some great new acts emerging!

What genres of music do you both listen to except dance?

Chad - We’re obsessed with Chill out. Listening non stop!

There’s really something special about the feeling that you get when listening to a track and it speaks the words of your heart. What track captures that feeling for you right now?

Chad - “Says” by Nils Frahm

Dave - “Time & Space” by Cinematic Orchestra - chills every time.

 Djing is something everyone can learn but producing is way trickier. Do you remember the first time you sat down to producer a record and make a mix, how did the record turn out?

Chad - Yep, turned out horrible! Ha! That’s the point, the more times you sit down, the better and better the turnout. We still sit down at times and it turns out horrific. “it’s not the fight that the dog’s in, it’s the fight in the dog!”

What advice do you have for upcoming producers who can’t handle negative feedback and criticism from labels?

Dave  - If you can’t handle negative feedback, you need to adjust yourself to understanding that negative feedback can have a positive effect on YOU - in your ability as a producer, your ability as a writer, etc. You can’t just say “NO” to negative feedback - embracing it and utilizing it to move forward will show in your works.

So we are always looking for new artists to support tell us who we should be listening to and where we should go to find the best music?

Chad - Check out Ryos and Jenaux from the new Tritonia 002 Compilation!! They’re making waves!!

Rapid Fire

What one track out in the musical universe do you guys wish you had produced?

Chad - Midnight by Coldplay or Immunity by Jon Hopkins

Where do you see yourselves and Tritonal in 20 years?

Chad - Hopefully happy, healthy and still writing great music and enjoying life!

Which words or phrases do you both overuse?

Chad - “Bruvva”

Dave - “Dude man”

 One place Tritonal still need to play before both of you die?

Chad - South Africa again of course, come on!!

Name one thing your fans don’t know about each of you.

Chad - I’ve been completely sober for almost 10 years!

Dave - I still get nervous performing! :D

Do you have any last message for your fans..

You guys mean everything to us, thank you for allowing us to live our dreams!! WE love you!!

Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. We hope to see you back in South Africa soon   Layla and Yasmin

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