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Interview || Chasing Rainbows With Jack Eye Jones

Exclusive Interview With Jack Eye Jones

It’s rare that you meet an act with more of a passion for every aspect of an artist’s life than Jack Eye Jones. Whether it be a live performance, studio work or his ever popular radio presence the Scotsman has developed a passionate, devoted fan base off the back of his own unbridled love for dance music. It’s something he has dedicated himself to and his infectious enthusiasm trickles down into every last tweet, every Instagram tag he launches into the vast online sphere. Those who have witnessed the passionate Scot perform know his specially brewed brand of big room house is particularly formidable, almost every track in his record box has been personalised in some shape or form to fit his energetic electro sets.

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Hello, Jack. Thank you for taking time out to do this interview with us. It is a huge pleasure.

 This is a staple TIE question, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?
The first thing that comes into my mind when I hear South Africa, would be the amazing SUNRISE closely followed by the track Under African Skies by Paul Simon. The sunrise in South Africa is the best I have ever seen. Flying into South Africa from London, arriving very early in the morning is stunning and takes your breath away. Add that to listening to Under African Skies by Paul Simon and it’s a recipe for Goosebumps!

Can you tell us a little more about who you are? If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?
Laying on a beach in Ibiza enjoying someone else playing music.

Is there a specific story behind the name Jack Eye Jones?
I sometimes get people to put vodka in their eyes after my sets, and that got me the name EYE ;)

Everyone always grows up with ideas of what they want to be when they older, Have you always wanted to be a DJ/ Producer?

No but I did own a recording studio years and years ago and from there I got the bug for production and I was luckily enough to be able to get back in to it fully about 4 years ago.

Do you have any musical training?
Not professionally, I’m self taught and from my friends.

How would you describe your sound ?
Modern with twist.

What is a typical day like in your life? How do you go from idea to finished product?
Most typical days start with leaving a hotel and heading straight to the airport for the next gig! If I’m not travelling I spend my time working on new music and edits as well as my radio show Ibiza Sessions which is where a large amount of my fan base were introduced to my music. I’ve recently moved to LA as well so I’m still finding my feet there and I’m in the middle of building my new studio!

Your recent track Rainbows is amazing The vocals are so catchy and soulful. What was the inspiration behind the track?
It’s an edit from a new track by Alabama3, the guys who made the Sopranos theme tune, I heard it in demo stage and took the stems away and worked on it, I added some cool elements including a violin and guitar, I wanted to give it a different drop rather than a predictable EDM one.

How do you go about naming your tracks?
It depends on the track, I like to make them as easy to remember as possible, if there is key words in the track, then I have a preference to go with this, but it’s not final, I usually throw it about with my management to see if they like it too.

When can we hear some remixes to Rainbows?
There are no plans to remix Rainbows at present! You can hear the original on Spotify if you search for following rainbows. Yes you can, there’s quite a difference between their version and mine though!

Tell us more about the video. What was the concept behind the video? Love the choice of vehicle in the video ;)
It was filmed this year (2014) in Ibiza, the weather was crap that day which sounds terrible but it was actually ideal as its forever sunny in Ibiza and on this day there were rainbows, after the storm.

What one track out in the musical universe do you wish you had produced?
The original Tiësto - Adagio For Strings.

Your tracks have been supported by big names, how does this make you feel? What more would you like to achieve?
Over the next few years I would like to put together some collaborations with some of the all time great singers.

Not many producers can say they have a track of theirs remixed by Tiësto. What was your reaction when you found out Tiësto was going to remix your track? Do you think his remix got more attention then the original?
You could have picked me up off the floor! I didn't think this would ever happen, one of the great things about the remix was that it introduced the original to an audience it hadn’t yet reached, so in the end both mixes did very well.

Which words or phrases do you overuse?
My Neighbours Know!

One place you need to play before you die?
Durban Beach :)

Name one thing your fans don’t know about you.
I always carry a sports bag with me when traveling to gigs so I can go to a gym.

jack eye jones interview

Do you have any last message for your fans..
I’m eternally grateful to all the fans that have been supporting me so much over the past few years, looking forward to showing everyone all my new music this year! Also on a side note; Always take time to see the smaller DJs when you get the chance.

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