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TheSoundYouNeed Debuts 2-Disc Album Music At It's Finest

THESOUNDYOUNEED Debut Compilation Album 


November 14 Album Launch Party at Red Gallery London - Event Details HERE
Sample the Album HERE & Order on iTunes HERE
thesoundyouneed album the sound you need
With two million plus YouTube subscribers over the past three years, TheSoundYouNeed has become a sonic sanctuary for electronic dance music.
Thanks to the Lyon-based founder Olivier Dutertre sourcing all the best new tracks in future bass, deep house, future garage, chillwave and more, we can now enjoy this music in the comfort of our own YouTube stream.
Olivier wasn’t always a sonic savant, however - he was exposed to all his musical ingenues by a mysterious girl who accidentally friended him on Facebook. Through their chance encounter, the girl shared her musical influences with Olivier, opening his eyes to the incredible sounds being made by acts like Bondax, Henry Krinkle, Flume and Aphex Twin. It was as if Olivier had entered a whole new world, and he couldn’t wait to share it with others. Meanwhile, Facebook girl mysteriously vanished back into the interwebs without a trace, as if she had never been there at all. The only evidence that remained was a new radio station/playlist hybrid YouTube channel, with musical selections set to the visual backdrop of blissful tropical beaches and watercolor sunsets, TheSoundYouNeed.
Now, three years later, Olivier continues to share his greatest sonic treasures on his YouTube channel, and just announced TheSoundYouNeed’s debut compilation album. The forthcoming two-disc compilation album, out November 16 with AEI Media, includes tracks from all the artists you need to allow for a sensual, blissed-out auditory experience. Featuring the likes of Banks, Snakehips, Duke Dumont, Bondax, Disclosure, Chrome Sparks and Chet Faker, this mix will take you out of this galaxy to a psychedelic dream world far, far away.
Disc one of TheSoundYouNeed album is a delicious mix of tropical house, ambient, chill-wave and deep-house vibes, complimented with disco-flecked soul and futuristic beats. The 17-track journey (34 tracks total) begins with the smooth vocals of Banks with her scintillating single “Warm Water”, made even more funky by Snakehips’ future-disco vibes. Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones’ “I Got You” (Bondax Remix) prolongs the funky feels, and Point Points’ “Life in Grey” is built around indistinct yet emotive vocals, plunky percussion and layered samples for an arresting and highly original track. Disc one’s melodic enchantment continues with standouts including the pitch-altered and endlessly groovy song “Instant Need” by FKJ, the swoony and gorgeous “Goddess” by Chrome Sparks, and smash dancefloor-ready tracks of 2014 including What So Not’s “High You Are” (Branchez Remix) and Odesza feat. Zyra “Say My Name”. The second disc of the compilation kicks off with the airy, jazz-influenced track “Learn to Fly”(Feat. Jordan Rakei) by FKJ. The dreamy sounds continue with newcomer Galimatias’ “Ocean Floor Kisses”, and the percussion-driven “Talk Is Cheap” set to the tune of Chet Faker’s soulful vocals. The hypnotic tones of KAASI’s “Lisse” chills us out before the dancefloor-ready “So Much To Give” (L D R U Remix) by YesYou, and finishes on a high note with Basenji’s ethereal and uplifting single “Speak With A Dofflin” (Sable Remix).

Apart from introducing the hottest new sounds to the masses, TheSoundYouNeed offers subscribers a chance to be a part of a community united by the thrill of uncovering new music, sharing and connecting with other like-minded music fans. The result is a lush, immersive audiovisual experience designed to captivate the ears and ensnare the senses of music lovers around the world. Just as Olivier’s encounter with Mystery Facebook Girl proves, sometimes that sonic connection can even be life-changing.

TheSoundYouNeed will be hosting an Album Launch Party at London’s Red Gallery onNovember 14 - check out more details HERE.

Full track listing is below.
CD 1 

1. Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) 
2. Duke Dumont Feat. Jax Jones – I Got U (Bondax Remix) 
3. Durante Feat. Chuck Ellis – Slow Burn 4. Karma Kid – No Qualms 
5. Flume & Chet Faker – Drop The Game 
6. Point Point – Life In Grey 7. Indian Summer Feat. Ginger & The Ghost – Shiner 
8. FKJ – Instant Need 
9. Lone – 2 Is 8 
10. DE$iGNATED Feat. Georgia Buchanan – Skin 
11. What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix) 
12. Odesza Feat. Zyra – Say My Name 
13. Mansionair – Hold Me Down 14. Bondax – Giving It All 
15. 20syl – Kodama 
16. Disclosure Feat. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Flume Remix) 
17. Chrome Sparks – Goddess

CD 2 

1. FKJ Feat. Jordan Rakei – Learn To Fly 
2. Hermitude – Ukiyo 
3. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana 
4. Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel 
5. Dream Koala – Saturn Boy 
6. Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap 
7. Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses 
8. Tourist Feat. Will Heard – I Can’t Keep Up 
9. Yahtzel – High With Me 
10. Cosmic Quest Feat. Molly Williams – Water Winds 
11. Point Point – Morning BJ 
12. KAASI – Lisse 
13. YesYou – So Much To Give (L D R U Remix) 
14. Max Liese – Sunstring 
15. Taylor McFerrin Feat. Nai Palm – The Antidote 
16. Tora Feat. Merryn Jeann – Overcome 
17. Basenji - Speak With A Dofflin (Sable Remix)

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