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We Are Lucky People Remixed With Lange


7 Questions With Lange About We Are Lucky 

People (Remixed)


After releasing his 3rd studio album “We Are Lucky People” late last year, one of trance music's most prolific artists, Lange, has released “We Are Lucky People (Remixed)”. The original album saw massive success, debuting within the Top 15 on the iTunes Dance charts in North America and saw each of the 9 single releases reach the Top 10 on the Beatport Trance Top 100 chart; ‘Remixed' seriously emulate, including mixes from some of the finest names in Trance and Progressive.

Hello Stuart!! Welcome back to think IN electronic.

Last we spoke to you was when We Are Lucky People was released. How are you doing and what have you been up to.

I'm very well thanks. Recently I've been pretty busy with moving house and setting up the new studio! I should have that sorted when I get back this week from the USA. Finishing off a new vocal single and then it's time to prep for the 200th episode of my Intercity radio show on Nov 26th.  I'm going to be taking over Afterhours FM for a full 24 hours with Guests including Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, paul Oakenfold, John O'Callaghan, Andy Moor, Andrew Rayel & more!

1 year later listening back to We Are Lucky People are you still happy with it, if you could change anything about the album now what would it be?
Yes, I've always been really pleased with WALP and wouldn't change it. It's pretty rare for me to be that content with my own music!

WALP remixed album is about to be released how did you decide on the remixers as well as on which remixes to put on the album?

WE ARE LUCKY PEOPLEI wanted to select remixers from across the whole spectrum of Trance so there's the more progressive touches of Protoculture through to more driving takes by Alex Morph and uplifting mixes from John O' Callaghan and James Dymond. In some cases I had ideas on who might be right for a track, but in some cases the remixer's chose the track they thought they could do something with.

The album includes remixes from some of trance’s best producers what 3 words would you use to describe it?

Epic Melodic Trance

If a person doesn’t have enough money to buy the album but just enough to buy 3 tracks of the album, which 3 remixes would you say they have to get and why.

That's tough! Really I want them to hear the whole non-stop mix as it flows really well telling the whole story, but if you're insisting I pick 3....
Violin's Revenge (James Dymond Remix)
Our Brief Time In The Sun (Protoculture Remix)
Imagineer (Alex Morph Remix)

Every remix of the album is special in its own way so let’s have some fun. What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear

Our Brief Time In The Sun (Protoculture Remix) – Beautiful textures in this
Crossroads (with Stine Grove) (Kris O'Neil & Kiholm Remix) - Really cool mix, love the driving bassline
Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) (Sean Tyas Remix) – Great additional Piano added by Sean
Violin’s Revenge (with Ilseviolin) (James Dymond Remix) – Keeps it menacing but take it up a notch – epic remix!
Destination Anywhere (Johnny Yono Remix) – Darker edged, even bigger trance riff
Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) (Ronski Speed Remix) – Hands in the air with Ronski's take on the riff
Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) (Craig Connelly Remix) – Extra energy and some really nice arps and layers
Our Brief Time In The Sun (Anske Remix) – One of my favourite tracks from the original album – so it features twice on the Remixed album!
A Different Shade Of Crazy (Refracture Remix) – Cheeky, dark, and unexpected.  Love this breaks remix.
Imagineer (Alex Morph Remix) – Alex packs in loads of energy into this awesome take on 'Imagineer'
Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) (John O'Callaghan Remix) – John manages to juggle Dark and driving beats with the more sensitive drop. So uplifting.
Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) (Adam Ellis Remix) – Loads of power!
We Are Lucky People (4 Strings Album Cut) – Captures the feeling of the original track so well but gives it a different twist and love the more organic loose groove.
We Are Lucky People (Reprise) –  The final word to wrap it all up!

What or who is the next big thing?
After a couple of years of EDM bringing Dance to the mainstream, it's time for those who are now hooked to delve deeper and find what lurks below – the good stuff! A stronger than ever underground scene is next. Time everyone got more experimental again.

Any last messages for your fans?
Thanks for continuing to show the support and hope you enjoy the album!

WALP remixed buy links:

Join Lange for  a live listening Party

To commemorate the release, fans from around the world are invited to join Lange in a fun-filled, interactive, live environment where Lange will be streaming the reworked record and chatting with fans. The listening party will take place via on Wednesday, 5 November,  the broadcast of Lange's Intercity Radio broadcast. 

lange we are luck ypeople

Wednesday // 05.11.14 // 9pm GMT // 4pm EST // 1 PST


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