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Exclusive Interview With Daddy's Groove

Interview || Synthemilk With Daddy's Groove 

Daddy's Groove is the teamwork name for a young talented trio from Italy.

They joined onto this flag in 2006 from an extended experience DJing through the south of Italy and thanks to their own bizarre instinct for domestic productions

Gianni Romano, Carlo Grieco, and Peppe Folliero have become quite soon familiar with the Italian club scene first and being approached by major indie labels a few months later in order to join them as new producers.

Many more productions as Daddy's Groove have been released since 2008 all of them being spinned by massive djs as well as getting picked up by major club labels like Axtone, JackBack, Defected, Spinnin', Doorn Records, Ultra Records….just to name a few.

Along with their well-received releases, they started touring over the world and playing massive gigs such as Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel, entered the residents of David Guetta's Fuck Me I'm Famous parties in Ibiza and Miami, and other top clubs such as Ministry Of Sound, Las Vegas' Marquee Day Club, Zouk Singapore or Pacha Sydney, conquering all continents.

After heavy remix duties with Axwell, David Guetta among others, in 2012 they started a massive release spree, with several tracks topping the famous Beatport Top 100 such as ; Unbelievable (ft. Rob Adans) - #2 / Stellar - #3 / Vertigo (ft. Cryogenix) - #4 / Tilt - #4.

Aside their original works and remixes, they also had their hands in the productions of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and David Guetta's latests albums.

To top it all, in August 2013, they joined Tomorrowland's famous mainstage with David Guetta, Afrojack & Nicky Romero to debut their higly-anticipated track "Surrender" (ft. Mindshake).

This year they will keep the releases coming, after hitting Beatport's top 10 once again in January with "Miners", their latest track "Synthemilk", a collab with Congorock peaked #3 on Beatport's Top 10.

Daddy's Groove are set to release Pulse and we thought it would only be right to do a quick interview with them. 

daddy's groove synthmilk

Hello, Gianni, Carlo and Peppe thank you for taking time out to do this interview with us. Its such a huge pleasure: )
- Thanks to you for having us!

How are you doing today?
- Very good! Locked in studio to work on the new stuff, ADE is coming soon!

1.      You guys are from Italy and some of the world’s best supercars are Italian made what’s you guys dream car?
- Yeah, of course we have Ferrari and Lamborghini here, but one of our favourite is Aston Martin!

2.      To start of can you tell us a little about each of you, who Gianni, Carlo and Peppe are and what does a typical day in each one of your lives look like.
- Well, during the typical working day we are locked together in studio working on the music. In the weekends and in the summer time Gianni and Carlo go all over touring and Peppe… is locked in the studio working on the music LOL!

3.      We are from South Africa, and we ask everyone this what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?
- It would be an amazing place to visit, landscapes, safari and Lions we’d say.

4.      Now that we know more about who the men behind Daddy’s Groove are, tell us more about Daddy’s Groove, how did the Three of you meet, how was Daddy’s Groove formed and what’s the story behind the name?
- It is a long story, we met many years ago in the Gianni’s record shop, I (Carlo) was a techno producer/dj and Gianni was an expert of house music, I used to produce with my personal name and we tryied a track together loving the sound we did, it was a mix between techno and house so we decided to start a new project called Daddy’s Groove involving also Peppe. The name came up because our fathers didn’t trust too much in this kind of job, they would have liked more some kind of “classic” jobs so we dedicated our dream to them.

5.      What three cities would you use to describe the Daddy’s Groove musical style?
- Naples – Ibiza - Miami

6.      Your latest track is with TeamMate titled Pulse, how did the collaboration come to be, and what is your guys view on mixing other genres with dance?
- the TeamMate guys are really good and it’s easy to work with, with Scott Simons (the singer) we already did “Stellar”. We love to work on great vocals adding melodies, it’s our background and it’s something we know how to do.

7.      This year has been a busy year production wise for Daddy’s Groove, with such a busy touring schedule where do you guys find time to produce?
- Having Peppe always in studio permit us to balance the touring time and the studio time. It is a back and forth between laptops and studio, all we need is just a good internet connection.

8.      You guys have had major Beatport success with ‘Miners’, ‘Synthemilk’, ‘Big Love to the Bass’ and ‘Blackout’ this year alone how do you guys ensure your tracks stand out and don’t get lost in the sea of releases out there?
- We support every release with a strong marketing, pr companies and banners all over. Then we can count on the support of many dj’s all over.

9.      When DJing do you ever get nervous? How do you stay calm and collected?
- Sometimes it can happen of course, but we are always very focused on the target and basically we enjoy a lot what we do!

10.  Let’s have some fun first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words. And why..

A.     Miners great break and massive build up!
B.      Big Love – To The Bass of course! It was really easy to work with the Nari & Milani guys, amazing people!
C.     Pulse – emotional, #backtothemusic
D.   Surrender – Tomorrowland, because we premiered this track there on the main stage with our brother David Guetta plus Nicky Romero, Afrojack and Steve Aoki. One of the best moments in our life!
E.     Fairy Tale – the “origin” of our Violins (see “Pulse”).
F.     Synthemilk WOW WOW WOW! Scary sound! Loud and PHAT! Congorock is absolutely one of our favourite guy all around! Such a great talent!

11.  Based on the above your guy’s track names are rather interesting how do you decide on what to name a track? We have always wondered about the process..
- LOL! This is a big secret!

12.  Where do you draw inspiration from when producing and who does what?
- We try to keep our own style, with an eye to the market, then we do a lot of collabs so we can mix a lot of different influences and personalities. In the studio usually Peppe moves the machines but there is a very good balance between all of our three.

13.  From the 3 of you who is the Sexy one, the freaky one and the nasty one?
- Forget about sexy LOL! Maybe we are all nasty!

14.  Who are some of your musical hero’s and how have they influenced each one you and your music?
- Daft Punk totally changed the game back in the days. And since we started to work with David Guetta, we learnt so much, pure talent!

15.  Remixing top names, releasing on iconic labels, playing all over the world how do you guys deal with the stress and pressure of the industry, and where do you see Daddy’s Groove in the next 5 years?
The secret is to enjoy what we do, we feel very lucky and blessed. We try to limit the pressure. About the next 5 years, really don’t know, if we look back at 5 years ago it seems more than just 5 years. Our world and the market is in a continuos changement so we just keep the work going, with an eye to some more younger guys we are working on.

16.  What can we expect from Daddy’s Groove in the coming months? And do you have any last messages for your fans?
- Music music and more music! For our fans, we are very grateful for the support! It’s all about them!

Thank you so much for doing this interview with us we look forward to what you guys have lined up in, in the upcoming months. We hope to catch you playing soon…

- Thanks to you guys! See you soon!

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