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Track Of The Day || Gorgon City Unmissable ft. Zak Abel

Review || Gorgon City Unmissable ft. Zak Abel (Remixes)

review gorgon city unmissable remixes

Umissable is Taken from Gorgon City's forthcoming album Sirens and it is an gem. It's one of those tracks which you'll have stuck in your head and humming all day. We found the only cure to this was to press play and repeat. The track is really  true to Gorgon City's style, deep melodic and dreamy. The strong raw vocals from Zak Abel give the track a soulfully vibe that it works and  adds that extra zest of freshness. 

Umissable is accompanied by cracking remixes from Huxley, DJ Anna and Metrik. Each powerful and meaningful in their own way with the signature touches from the respectable producers. The Huxley remix is groovy with some spunk and a tab bit dirt. DJ Anna turns up the heat with her remix keeping it deep  with a hint of sexy and flirty, it needs to be noted though, her remix will blow your socks off, so best keep them off. Metrik tops of the package with an absolutely bold and beautiful drum and base remix. The perfect package to tickle all of your tastebuds.

Unmissable ft. Zak Abel from our forthcoming album 'Sirens' out Oct 6th.
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