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David Guetta is showing his dedication to the fans by throwing a free party at Mallorca Rocks Hotel

FREE David Guetta party at Mallorca Rocks on WEDS Aug 6th for fans left disappointed by the organisers shameful cancellation of last Saturdays sold out Mallorca concert.

*Please note refund information edit on original information sent, please only use refund details listed in this email*

*Exchange purchased tickets for a FREE pass to the party on TUESDAY Aug 5th

Following the shocking cancellation of David Guetta's Mallorca concert on Saturday Aug 2nd, thousands of fans were left disappointed when the organisers shut down the show for safety reasons through alleged wrong-doing. Furious at the situation forced upon him, David Guetta is showing his dedication to the fans by throwing a free party at Mallorca Rocks Hotel, accommodating as many of the let down fans as he can at such short notice.  

David Guetta said: “I was so angry with the organisers of Saturday’s show. It was sold out and I only found out on the day of the event that it was to be cancelled. I want to do something for the fans who bought tickets. It’s impossible to do a show of that scale with just 3 days notice, but I will be coming back to the island on Wednesday to throw a party for as many people as possible. Mallorca Rocks have kindly given us their venue. We will not be stopped! The first 2800 to exchange their tickets, can come for free - no-one will pay that night. I only wish I could make it for everyone. It’s the very best I can do"

As stated by David Guetta, fans have the opportunity to exchange tickets from the cancelled show for a pass to the newly scheduled concert at the Mallorca Rocks Hotel.  Fans need to complete the ticket exchange at the Mallorca Rocks Hotel on TUESDAY 5th August between 10am & 3pm.  Sorry, but only 2800 tickets are available and will be exchanged on a first come, first serve basis. 

Full details below:
• It’s impossible to throw an event of the same size at such short notice, but Guetta will play a free party for 2800 fans who bought tickets.
• All tickets from the canceled event can get a full refund from the point of sale - regardless of whether you attend the free show or not.
• Ticket holders of the cancelled concert can gain a free ticket for a special David Guetta party held in the Mallorca Rocks Hotel on Wednesday Aug. 6th
   Mallorca Rocks Address: Carrer Blanc, 8, 07181 Magaluf
• Event timings are 7.30pm until Midnight
 Customers need to bring a valid ticket from the cancelled event to the box office in front of the Mallorca Rocks Hotel reception, on Tuesday Aug. 5th, between 10am and 3pm
• One ticket from the cancelled event is valid for one ticket for the free David Guetta concert at Mallorca Rocks, who have come to the rescue for David and the fans.
• 2800 tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis
• A maximum of one ticket can be exchanged per person
• Any tickets purchased after Saturday’s canceled event will not be exchanged. 

Important Note:
• The Mallorca Rocks Hotel had nothing to do with the original concert and will NOT be handling refunds for the cancelled concert. The organisers of the original concert are wholly responsible for refunds. This event is a gesture from the artist.

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