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Armada Music has just gone public and announced two re-branded flagship labels: Armada Captivating, and Armada Trice, and a brand new label Armada Deep


Armada Captivating - Armada Deep - Armada Trice

Armada Music has just gone public and announced two re-branded flagship labels: Armada Captivatingand Armada Triceand a brand new label Armada Deep. The first releases from these labels are currently in pre-order and will be available September 1st.

With new artwork and a fresh batch of upcoming releases, these labels represent the different core concepts that are and have been a part of Armada Music.
Some former sub-labels will be discontinued, and others will remain. ‘Captivating Sounds’ will now become ‘Armada Captivating’, TRICE Recordings is now ‘Armada Trice’, and the former ‘Electronic Elements’, ‘Black Book Audio’, and ‘M Recordings’ will now be one label: ‘Armada Deep’.
A&R and CEO Maykel Piron says: “I am super proud of the Armada brand. Due to the digital age we currently live in, it makes sense to operate with fewer imprints and communicate Armada in a broader way. Obviously we will also remain focused on artist labels like, among others, Armind and ASOT, Future Sound of Egypt, Mainstage, and Aropa.”

Armada Deep 

armada deep compact grey

First release: Compact Grey - ’S.A.Y.’
“Releasing in the broad range of electronic music, Armada Deep represents the deeper side of Armada Music. We bring you tracks which have proven their strengths in the underground, yet still retain crossover potential. Armada Deep will be the home for the very best deep house music.”

- A&Rs - Kevin de Roos & Marwen Tlili

Armada Captivating 

armada captivating David Gravell The Last of Us 
First release: David Gravell - ‘The Last of Us’

“Armada Captivating — the label where only the best deserve a place. Paying respects to the strong legacy of Armada Music and the trance genre, Armada Captivating is focused on the young talents who will bring the new sound of today and tomorrow. Names like David Gravell, MaRLo, Heatbeat and Chris Schweizer, are all champions of the captivating sound!”

- A&R - Joël de Vriend

Armada Trice

armada trice Arston feat Jake Reese Circle Track

First release: Arston feat. Jake Reese - ‘Circle Track’

“For those that understand the true meaning of club/techy and progressive records, we’ve got the brand new sound of Armada Trice! Blurring the lines between sharp grooves and radio-friendly anthems, Armada Trice is all about warm sounds and melodic drops. As one of the latest additions to the house of Armada Music, the label presents you with the phattest and most outstanding tunes from new and established producers like Arston, Feenixpawl, Funkagenda, Pelari, and more!”

- A&R - Onno van Kemenade

About Armada Music
Armada Music was founded in June, 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis, whose names came together to form ‘ArMaDa’. For over 10 years, the record company has brought out records within the wide spectrum of electronic dance music. The label releases in the genres of: trance, house, progressive, techno, deep house, and pop music. From 2009-2013, the Dutch label was awarded the ‘Best Global Dance Label’ title from the International Dance Music Awards in Miami. Working with and managing some of the biggest names in the dance music industry, Armada is home to, among others, Dash Berlin, W&W, Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, and Armin van Buuren himself. Newer additions to the Armada artist roster include: David Gravell, Audien, KRONO, and Andrew Rayel.
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