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Nora En Pure Will Take You Higher In The Sun With Her True EP

Nora En Pure True EP Review

If you listen to the radio often or have an eye on music blogs then I am sure you have heard of Nora En Pure. South African born, Swiss based, Daniela Niederer PKA Nora En Pure, has been making storms through the Deep House and Indie Dance music scenes with a flurry of releases over the past year or two. With an already substantial catalogue of exceptional productions, Nora En Pure shows no signs of slowing down – with both original works and remixes. Being an ardent admirer of her productions, I was excited to hear she has a new EP on the way. I have the honour of being able to interview her ahead of the True EP’s release next Monday, the 21st July on Enormous Tunes, but before we do that let me share my thoughts on the EP and you can give the tracks a listen while you read. 

If I were to choose my favourite track of the EP I would have to go with the title track, True. It encompasses everything I have grown to love in a Nora En Pure production – great keys, sublime synths, deep bass and simple vocals. The track really pulls you in and you can’t help but jam. 

The second track, Let the Light In, calms your soul. Soothing synths that come and go create a relaxing atmosphere while ethereal vocals captivate your thoughts. This track is definitely a track to put on if you’re looking to forget what’s going on around you for a moment and just get lost in the music. 

Higher in the Sun was actually released today, but is still considered a part of the EP. The combination of the stirring flute and exquisite strings with Penny Foster’s vibrant vocals has an enlivening effect that will leave anyone feeling exuberant. An uplifting track that makes me wish it was summer again!

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-        Matthew Deacon

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