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Armin Only Intense - Expect the Unexpected!

5 Minutes with Danielle Tour Director of Armin Only Intense 


Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what exactly does a tour manager do?
We will be producing 40 shows in one year from November 2013 to Decemberr 2014. From Asia to South America and from Europe to the States. The most interesting thing for me is managing a tour with such a big entourage. We will be traveling to each destination with at least 35 persons at a time and the logistics that goes along with that, makes it challenging and really dynamic at the same time.”

What inspired the concept for Armin Only Intense and what makes Armin Only so unique from other events?
Armin Only is a concept that has really grown and come to life. It all started in the early years of Armins career. Unlike today, all based on short sets and quick highlights, it used to be all about the long sets, one big musical trip. Armin Only was born out of the desire to play more than just the current smashes and really take people on a journey. That’s what Armin Only is based on – to take the clubbers on a journey into music. Through Armin Only nights, Armin can tell them the full story of everything he’d like to say. 

With Armin Only – Intense, we are trying to bring back those original Armin Only nights, by giving my fans the opportunity to be part of something new, something special. With outstanding live performances of singers, dancers and fellow producers, it really awakens the ‘Intense’ album. Armin Only gives Armin what he love most, and that’s taking everyone on a musical journey. 

People often don’t realize that a show is a whole lot more then just the artist performing and it takes tremendous amount of behind the scenes effort. So for interest sake just how many crew does it take to do a show like Intense?
We have a producer, show director, technical producer, travel & tour manager, marketing & PR manager, show caller, choreographers, singers, dancers, acrobats, a band, light designer, stylists, visual designer, vocal coach, camera crew etc... So we have about fifty people working on this project.

It can’t be easy to produce she same show in every country, how do you ensure that the production is the same at every event in every country?
I visit all the Armin Only Intense destinations a couple of weeks before the show together with technical producer Maarten. We visit the venue and have meetings with the local people where we running trough all aspects of the show to make sure they are able to fullfill our criteria.  

So far has there been a moment that was most satisfying or a moment when you thought: *this* makes it all worthwhile?
Every time I watch the show :). 

How do you prepare for some of the logistical issues or obstacles you might encouter?
You can’t prepare all of the obstacle unfortunetely. We have a really good team in Amsterdam who are managing all the logistic issues we are facing.  

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