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Kid Fonque & Friends – The Remixes

Kid Fonque, hot off a recent European tour has just dropped a remix EP with stellar showings from producers such as Troye Lilley, Sahin Meyer and others giving their reinterpretations of noted hits ‘Don’t Forget Me,’ ‘GLDN,’ and ‘Kid In Motion.’  

Troye Lilley’s equally spacey renditions of ‘Don’t Forget Me’ keep the soothing vocal intact. The first remix, making use of more UK-Inspired broken beat, while the second opts for a more familiar, afro-deep house sound. Sahin Meyer’s ambient, minimalistic interpretation of ‘GLDN’ makes a worthy companion for a 2am drive home through a sleeping downtown, while P.M Project takes a more dance floor-ready approach. ‘Kid In Motion’ is taken through a minimalistic, techy interpretation from V.Underground while D-Malice’s take is rooted firmly in smoky, jazz-oriented afro-house.

All in all, this EP is a showcase of the many facets and intricate shades of the underground deep house scene in South Africa all sharing the same wholesome, soulful aesthetic that’s so much an integral part of Kid Fonque’s live sets.

Review done by: @G1no
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