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Code Breaking with Fisherman and Hawkins

Hi Isaac and Rob it is such an amazing pleasure to be interviewing you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for us..

How are you doing today what was the last track you listened to?

Well thank you, we are doing great! The last track we listened to was ''The Boxer Rebellion ­Diamonds'' We love that track :­)

This is a staple TIE question, we know you have not yet visited our beautiful country South Africa (to play an event). What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear  South Africa?


Can you tell us a little about the two of you on a musical front (how did your discovery of trance music happen?)

Well back in the day we were both were singers in a boy band..........LOL just kidding.

Rob: I discovered trance music through my little brother. He was always playing trance in his room while I was listening to techno.

Isaac: I fell in love with trance  music 13 years ago. Scot Project was the man I looked up to back then!

How best would you describe one another?

Rob: Isaac is a real  perfectionist. He always gives 110% for what he is doing, and can create great melody's!

Isaac: Rob is a real party animal. But on the other hand a real down to earth guy I also have a great appreciation for his mixing skills.

We want to know what inspired the creation of Fisherman and Hawkins how did the two of you  meet and why the name?

We  we  met    each  other  on  our  own  organised  event.  Isaac:  I  did  ''Airwalk''  a progressive/trance concept, which is still going strong, and Rob was organising techno nights under the name ''Pulse''

What food would you use to describe the Fisherman and Hawkins sound and where do you draw your inspiration from. 

Chilli  con  carne  with  extra  peppers!!! We  listen to  a  lot  of  different music, trance (of course) techno, deep house, house, rock, dubstep, hardstyle. So listening to different genres of music gives us a lot inspiration, and our own creative brain of course.

It’s  no  secret  that  Apache  is  probably  in  every  trance  fans  top  5  favourite  tracks,  it’s also  a favourite by many DJ’s what was the inspiration behind the track and how did the track come to be?

Suddenly we  had this  melody  idea  in  our  head  after  a  night  out! We went straight to the studio the next day and worked more on it some more. By the time the track was ready we had  both  the  same  thoughts...Either  no­one  will  like  this  track  (  because  of  the  bit simple/short melody ) or it will have everyone going nuts!

It’s tough being in the Electronic Music industry, with all tracks sounding the same and new producers emerging all the time, What is it that keeps you guys motivated to deliver tune after tune after tune?

There is no bigger satisfaction than seeing the dancefloor going crazy to your tunes. It keeps us massively motivated!!

You guys are fairly new in the scene, what are some of the challenges you have faced musically and career wise to get to where you are today?

For us it was really hard to create a strong follow­up to ''Apache'' but i think we did a good job with the ''Virus'' E.P. on Coldharbour.

Do you Guys remember the first gig you played at, what was the experience like, did you love it or hate it?

Hahaha, thats already more than 10 years ago for both of us. Although not together but separate from one another.

Rob: I remember I was really nervous and it was in front of 50 people!

Isaac: I do not exactly remember the first time, but guess I liked it as I am still going strong!

There’s been a lot of talk around what makes a good DJ. In your opinion what makes a good DJ and what makes a good producer? Also what’s your take on DJs using pre­ recorded sets?

To us a good DJ, is a DJ who can tell a story with his music who isn't afraid of long sets. Long sets usually means the DJ can take the audience on a journey through different styles. We're planning an extended set at the moment and we love to select all these nice tunes we were never be able to use in all these short sets :­)

Who is currently on F&H radar for artist to watch in 2014 and why?

We really like Andrew Bayer! We know he isn't particularly new, but he certainly took a new direction recently with his latest bombs. We could not forget to mention our fellow Dutchman Mark Sixma, 2013 was such a great year for him. It's obvious 2014 will go beyond that and be his big breakthrough!

Lastly, what is the one thing your fans would be shocked to find out about each of you ?

Not that shocking but most of the people still react surprised when they hear we both have full time jobs.

Rapid Fire questions..

How do you see the scene in 5 years from now?

Even more styles will be combined, you can hear it's already happening in the house scene, the melody's are coming back people ;)

Not being a prisoner to your own style means….

Don't be shy to let other people know which music you like,  for us that means......we play what we like!

What’s the best thing about being a DJ and what’s the worst thing.

Best thing: To entertain people with YOUR music. Worst thing has to be the long distance travels haha but at the end it's all worth it when you're behind the decks seeing everybody go nuts

Your most embarrassing moment while DJ’ing

Hitting the wrong cue button! ;)

Who is the brains and who is the beauty behind Fisherman and Hawkins?

We think thats something for the fans to decide haha ;)

To end on ,  please can you tell us what lies in store for Fisherman and Hawkins lovers in 2014? In terms of new tracks, gigs, maybe an artist album?

We have a few very nice collabs coming up and some new originals so stay tuned!! And of course we are very excited to play @ ASOT650 in Utrecht! See you there?

Do you have any last message for your fans?

Thanks for all the support so far, it meens a lot! And we hope to see you at our gigs in 2014!!

It has been an absolute pleasure to interview you, we at TIE would like to wish you all the best with your upcoming adventures and we hope to catch you around the globe sometime soon


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