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Back to Earth with The Futuristic Polar Bears

Hello Guys, Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview with us we are so excited!

1.      We are here to grant you 3 wishes, what do you wish for and how are you guys doing?! (LUKE) We’re doing great thankyou, how are you?! Could we wish for some sunshine in the UK, Jamba Juice to open a franchise in the UK (have you ever had one? They are amazing :)) and for England to win the World Cup this summer :) 

2.      This is a staple TIE question what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa? (RHYS) Victoria Falls. Always wanted to go there.

3.      Before we start can you tell us a little more about who the Futuristic Polar Bears are on a non-musical front? (LUKE) We are 3 guys from the UK that got together in 2010. We all love football, American TV programs, travelling and food. Always love to try new and interesting things wherever we go :).

4.      We know you probably get asked this a lot but how did you guys meet and What’s the story behind the name? (FRAN)  The Polar Bears were formed back at the start of 2010 when Fran and I were keen to start a new production project. Rhys joined April 2010 and was the missing part to the puzzle as being a classically trained pianist really helps with the music writing process. We are all members of the WWF and the name came from sponsoring an Arctic polar bear, which we named after one of favourite producers…

5.      Currently Number on one the Beatport main chart with Back to Earth congrats! Did you think the track would do so well, did you expect a number 1? Not many producers can say they’ve got there! (FRAN) It’s an amazing feeling to be NO.1. The reaction and support from music lovers around the globe to our peers in the industry has been fantastic and everybody has really warmed to us and our sound. We knew the track had a chance as every Revealed track is well received, the team effort from everybody has been incredible and everybody should be very proud.

6.      How did Back to Earth come to life? What inspired the track? (RHYS) Last summer we changed our ethos slightly, instead of aiming for labels we decided to aim at what the big artists would play and have always loved Hardwell’s sound so we thought ‘let’s target Hardwell”. We wanted to make something everybody would play and so Back to Earth was born. After a couple of listens we knew we had something special on our hands and road tested it at a couple of big parties last summer before we sent it off.

7.      Listening back to Back to Earth with all its success - would you change anything in the track? (silly question we know) (FRAN) There’s always little minor things you’d tweak, most producers would admit to being perfectionists but you have to draw the line at some point and know when to leave something alone. It’s taught us great techniques that we’ve implemented into our new material

8.      Let’s talk Revealed and Hardwell, it’s probably a surreal feeling, how does it make you guys feel to have you track picked up and played by the Worlds Number 1 DJ? Do you think this is going to be instrumental in shaping the future of the FPB? (LUKE) It’s a great platform for us to push on from. Hardwell and all the team at Revealed have been really supportive with us and it’s great to work with such a talented bunch of people. Our main goal now is to develope our relationship with them further and we look forward to releasing more tracks with the label.

9.      What makes The Futuristic Polar Bears signature sound unique from the rest out there? (RHYS) As there’s 3 of us we gain inspiration from so many things and we all bring our individual unique input into the tracks, I think that makes us unique.

10.  Which musicians / DJs / Producers do you look up to also where do you draw your inspiration from when producing? (RHYS) Obviously Mr Hardwell - a lot of his tracks have done so well and he always brings something different to the table. We are also HUGE fans of Kryder with his train house sound. All of his music contains a swing and groove to it that always makes a club bounce.

11.  You guys have heard about the Mars One Project to set up the first human settlement on Mars. Would you consider going on the one-way trip to live on Mars? (LUKE) Depends if they are planning on opening up a nightclub ;).

12.  They say a person’s music library is the window to their soul so what genres and gems make up the FPB music library? (FRAN) There’s everything in there, we try not to listen to dance music all the time. We’ve got everything from Katy Perry (for the baby polar bears) right through to the Beatles and current day music. We also love a bit of classical, great to chillout to after a hectic gig. (that’s if we’re not at an after party haha)

13.   Who’s the brains and who’s the beauty in the FPB? (LUKE) Rhys is the good looking one, Fran is the muscle (he used to be a bodyguard) and I’m the brains (so I’d like to think - plus I wear glasses so it makes me look more intelligent haha).

14.  3 of you working together how does that work, and how do you resolve conflict? (RHYS) Most of the time it works well, obviously you are going to have creative disputes but we resolve them with the majority rule wins.

15.   If you could represent the FPB with a car what car would it be and why? (FRAN) Ferrari. The reason being that we are all impatient when it comes to travelling long hours and in a Ferrari you could get there quicker J.  

Rapid Fire
1.      How do you decide who gets to stand in the middle when DJ’n (whoever isn’t pouring the drinks at the time gets to stand in the middle)
2.      One word you could add to the dictionary.. LOOSE (it’s already in the dictionary but it needs a new meaning adding. We use the term Loose to describe how drunk somebody is or rate how the good the night out was. If it was Loose, it means it was good ;))  

3.      Ultra or Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland

4.      Cars or girls? BOTH. You need a car so you can take your lady out for a nice dinner ;)
5.      Boxer or briefs : ) Boxers.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with us now come and visit us in South Africa will you .. ;) Count us in, we’d love to come :)

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