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Thomas Gold Feat. Kaelyn Behr - Remember

Thomas Gold Feat. Kaelyn Behr | Remember Lyrics

If you were at Sensations South Africa you would remember Thomas Gold dropping this track. While listening to it we can only think of how perfect the vocals are. It's no lie that male vocals make us weak and Kaelyn Behr vocals make us weak at the knees. We first heard this track as an ID on Axwell's Tomorrowland set and we loved it. When Thomas Gold dropped this over the weekend at Sensations South Africa set we lost it. Hearing it live was something special.

For hours of climbing to the wildest heights
We saw all the sights 

And I hope to color in all these lines,
That were drawn through the night
I don't even know her name to call.
it was one of these nights,
to stay for ever!

Just wake me up, before the sun!
Delivers the lights.
I want your eyes, to follow mine
Say you will remember

Just wake me up before the sun delivers the light
I want your eyes to follow mine
And say you will remember

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