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Angels on Decks Part 3

Angels on Decks || Females taking the EDM world by storm

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Waving the global flag, Dinka relishes a pure house anthem. The last five years has seen the Swiss born and bred musical genius spread her wings and uplift house and progressive enthusiasts everywhere with culturally diverse sounds she knows well. 
Lying true to her name, Dinka shadows the South Sudanese tribe that it hails from basking her talent in the hands of people from all over the land.
Inspired by a map of icons from Enigma to the ambient sounds of classical music, Tamara the mastermind behind Dinka well rounds her profile bringing nothing but a universal mix of electronic beats. Taken by house music and its progressive tip early on, this Swiss pioneer has fellow producers from Lucerne to Los Angeles amazed, befriending music on all levels with her ear of knowledge.

With imprints on Unreleased Digital, Pinkstar Records and Anjuna Deep, uplifting progressive house fans get a golden pot of happiness every time her tunes hit release. Taking over the industry with massive tracks Dinka can kick-start a broken heart sending fans on a musical journey unlike any other buzzing global charts. Supported by iconic Tiesto to begin with, Dinka has smashed it out with recent EP’s on Unreleased Digital sharing the ideal summer beach soundtrack for one and all. The Swiss extraordinaire wallops them out collaborating with vocalists on mind blowing tunes, seeing releases with Julie Thompson, Hadley & Danny Inzerillo where remixes have too been explored by her collaborative project Helvetic Nerds.

Up on stage or in the underground corner club, Dinka hits the decks from Zurich’s Club Hiltl to the festivals across the map like Winterfresh, Magic Island, and Kikoy culture, creating rumbles on dance floors-always! Its no surprise playing alongside the likes of Above & Beyond and friends at festivals like Blue For Dance is a regular occurrence for Dinka. Her appearances in the DJ booth are highly sought after following her monthly Helvetic Nerds radio show that fans have tuned into religiously for four years, stamping her sign of approval on the world’s dance music.

Keeping it cool, this female phenomenon stands tall bringing together the fusion of the world’s cultures and sounds that can only be drawn from the world of Dinka


6.Annie Mac
annie mac

Dance music’s flagship radio show has a new pair of hands at the controls, Dubliner Annie Mac AKA Annie MacManus. 
Her Friday night show from 7pm to 9pm goes out to over a million people in the iconic role of ‘officially starting the weekend’. So how did Annie get one of the most directional jobs in dance music and become the ego-free, box-fresh ‘empress of whoop-whoop’ that the dance nation has taken to heart?

She comes from a musical family. Brother Rod is a folk musician. Sister Rachel is an artist and brother Davey is the lead singer with indie band The Crimea. ‘I know every Pogues song by heart. I grew up properly in love with Thin Lizzy. There was always trad stuff like The Furies and Christy Moore playing and The Smiths’.

Her first encounter with clubbing came when she arrived at Queens University Belfast as a 17-year-old. One of her English language lecturers ‘a proper Cockney geezer’ introduced her to Belfast’s best techno night Shine – giving her an education in some legendary DJs. ‘Andy Weatherall was a resident, Laurent Garnier played there, DJ Sneak played there, Cajmere played there as Green Velvet. The nice thing about clubbing in Belfast is that the scene is really small, it was the same group of people ending up at some party.’

Towards the end of her English Literature degree Annie decided to get into radio and signed up for a post-graduate Masters at a college in Farnborough. She spent a depressing year working part time in a supermarket in the sleepy Hampshire town finishing her studies. With her Masters behind her she moved to London into a house with brother Davey and other members of his band The Crimea, who were flying high in the charts.

‘I had a mad few years of living in Camden and being a proper indie girl. I worked for the student radio network SBN and, had my own residency at The Underworld in Camden. That club was a ‘walk in’ club. You’d get every type of person in there from little skater boys, indie kids, punks, loads of tourists. Literally every walk of life was represented so it was a real lesson in keeping the dance floor full. It was only a year or two later I was doing The Mash Up so I brought that to my Radio 1 show.’

Work experience at The Crimea’s label V2 lead to a job as a radio plugger, then an online radio station called Net.FM aimed at men working in IT (which didn’t take off) and at 23 years old her first job at the BBC as Steve Lamacq’s broadcast assistant. Meanwhile Annie was presenting on the student radio network SBN ‘interviewing bands at The Barfly on her lunch break’.

The received wisdom was ‘don’t be a producer if you want to present’ so her lunch time activities were kept quiet. Then one day they were having a meeting with Google projected against the boardroom wall and Mike Davies put Annie’s name into the search engine for a joke, only to find a lot of links to her SBN shows. ‘I was like, oh no, busted!’ 

Her debut on Radio 1 was doing an ident for Mike Davies punk show as they liked the way ‘ponk’ sounded in her dulcet Dublin tones. After doing a demo she was filling in for her original inspiration Mary Anne Hobbs and anonymously voicing The One World Show. Then in July 2004 she was given The Annie Mac Show. She was 26.

‘Before I became a DJ myself I worked for three people. Steve Lamacq, Colin Murray and then Zane Lowe and I learnt a lot from each one. Steve is a really professional journalist. He’s very particular and thorough and factual. He has a really deep knowledge and love of his music. Colin is kinda jokey and into features and the more creative side of radio. Because Zane is a musician he’s much more musical about things. When he came to Radio 1 he was the first to stand up when he was DJing and use physical energy. And he used the music technology to be more musical with his broadcasting. I was properly grateful for that time behind the scenes. It gave me a real appreciation of how a radio show works.’

In tandem her repute as a club DJ had been growing. For fun she started DJing at after and house parties when living in Belfast. After a year on Radio 1 she started her ‘Annie Mac Presents’ showcases at a single room in Fabric (inaugural artists Mylo and Justice). From humble beginnings it has grown into what Mixmag have called ‘one of the biggest brands in clubland providing a platform for a generation of youthful, bass-driven, live-dance acts and making Annie herself one of the most in-demand club/festival DJs on the planet.’

Annie is characteristically down to Earth about her achievements. ‘I don’t set out to represent a new generation. It was good timing for me. When I started club DJing I’d never played in a club. But the people that booked me at the beginning where very much the people that were coming up and not part of the Super Clubs thing. They were producers and DJs that were booking me and I became embroiled in their scenes.’

Those contacts include people like Erol, the guy that brought dance music to indie kids and whole other host of young producers that share her bass-driven, jump-up aesthetic across genres. From a rejuvenated drum & bass (Shy FX) to house and electro producers like A-Trak right through to the rampant dub step and UK funky producers of the moment. In fact, Annie’s show is a place where these genres stew together and change flavour under the national spotlight.

‘All I do when I work is sit at home on iChat swapping music with people’ says Annie. Something which is bearing fruit in the exclusives she gives away on her blog (recent example Skream remix of Bat For Lashes ‘Pearl Dream’). ‘A lot of people were expecting compromise in terms of music because of the time slot but the most exciting part of the move is that I haven’t had to compromise. It’s a testament to the music and the way everything has changed that that music fits that time so well.’

5. Magda
Magda is an artist who can never be pinned down, no matter the timeframe or time signature. Any one of the Detroit-raised artist's DJ sets or productions breeds a rare feel of mystique and discovery. "I'm really obsessed with finding a line between things - between sounds and between genres. My influences come from a life spent in very different environments, which plays a huge role in the way I connect with music."

Dramatic sounds and eccentric basslines carry her multilayered sound, which veers everywhere from funked-out space disco to the intricately-programmed, metallic feel of Detroit to stripped down techno, all the way to Italian horror film soundtracks. The only thing that remains consistent is the element of surprise.

Her accidental entry into Detroit's underground party scene as a teenager was the kick-start she needed for a lifelong love affair. Soon all became a blur of "cities, record stores, and parties." In 1998, she joined Minus and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin's sole opener. From there, her distinctive sound began to develop and the rest is history.

Stylistically, Magda grooves through opposition - creating sets that are emotion-led yet clinical, having profound expertise with analog and digital technology. Her sound is otherworldly but visceral; dark with a warm sense of beauty and grace; sparse yet wondrously full-bodied with density and bass-swathed extremes. Magda's DJing style has been encapsulated on her mixed CDs 'She's A Dancing Machine,' and her mix for London club Fabric 'Fabric 49' (a mix CD with as much artistry and vision as an original album).

In the fall of 2010, Magda revealed her debut, 'From The Fallen Page,' a darkly- tinged, transportive album that curiously combines natural, organic sounds, and modern electronic grace. Similar to her unpredictable DJ sets, 'From The Fallen Page' took listeners from one end of the spectrum to the other, treading the fine lines of extremities along the way.

These days Magda isn't home very often. In-between touring, she's fully focused on her recently resurrected label 'Items & Things.' The label's vision always pinpoints the off-kilter and the uncommon, seeking out new artists and sounds that push boundaries. "Items and things are bits and pieces of uniqueness we come across. The label is a platform to launch the music that we love. There are no rules, just sounds we like and artists we believe in."

4. Blond:ish
Originally hatched in Montreal, but currently based in London, DJ's Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have established their love child globally by proving that they don't fit the quintessential stereotype. Fueled by their sharp taste-maker instincts and technical flair, Blond:ish has not only charmed the industry masses but set themselves to release on so
me of the most notable labels around. 
In the last few years, Blond:ish has carved out a unique production recipe which focuses on the art of creating music that is organic and multi-dimensional. Provocative basslines contrasted with smooth textures and sticky vocals that blend into a genre of house that rebels against being pigeonholed to any specific category. 

Forthcoming 2012 releases include their psychedelic influenced ‘Lovers In Limbo’ EP out on Kompakt mid April inspired by Blond:ish’s curiosity of the late 60’s musical movement, as well as a determined release schedule for Noir Music, NM2, Get Physical.

Blond:ish's innovative and quirky reputation wasn't grown on a tree but materialized in the dark trenches of Cherry nightclub in Montreal. Anyone that has attended their parties can attest that there is something very special about this underground midweek mangle. It's the winning formula of diverse freaks, organized chaos and Blond:ish's genre defying sets that has them still holding their monthly residency since 2008. 

This duo rides off each other’s hefty musical knowledge and flawless technique with their diverse personas only adding to the intrigue. Anstascia’s unruly demeanor and creative spark spirals against Vivie-Ann’s scientific and geek-chic flair in a whirlwind of inspiration and contrast. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a vibe that effortlessly transcends in the studio, behind the booth and more than anything, to the dancefloor.

3. Rebecca and Fiona
A shared interest in great music brought the two girls together. Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick not only reign Sweden's club scene, they have become icons for a whole generation of Swedes and represent what hard work combined with talent can do.
rebevva and fiona

In May 2010 the girls released their first single - Luminary Ones. As 2010 ended, Luminary Ones had become one of the most played songs on national radio P3. In addition to touring the whole of Sweden they followed Robyn as opening act on her European tour.

If that was not enough - Swedish Television followed the girls for several months, which has resulted in their own self-titled tv-show. Wherein you can follow their work as DJs, producers and urban girls. 

2011 became an even bigger year for Rebecca & Fiona, they released their double platinum selling single Bullets, the double a side If She Was Away/Hard and the smash single Jane Doe. In November they completed everything by putting out their debut album I Love You, Man. In addition to that they created Turn It Down, their hit collaboration with US DJ superstar Kaskade.

Last year Rebecca & Fiona played over 100 shows all over the world alongside DJs like Tiƫsto, Kaskade, Axwell and Steve Angello, and 2012 looks like it will be when the girls hit global stardom, already having a month long US tour confirmed and receiving the award for Best Electronic/Dance at the Swedish Grammy Awards 2012.

Don’t let their beauty and glamorous public life fool you. Rebecca & Fiona are dedicated musicians who spend more time nailing loops in the basement of their recording studio than to splash champagne at trendy nightclubs. They wouldn’t have time anyway, they’re too busy killing the dance floor.

The bad girl of EDM strikes again.  This past year has seen Fei-Fei releasing stadium sized industrial dubstep tracks while earning props from Benga to Bassnectar and adding to an already rabid fan following along the way.  Mixmag UK recently featured Fei-Fei as an artist to “keep an eye on”, dubbing her signature aggressive sound as “high octane dubstep” which subsequently set the stage for the bass vixen as she rocked London’s super club Proud2 as well as the Relentless NASS Festival on the legendary UKF Stage this summer.  Her new release, Torture, is a massive collaboration with Footsie, one half of the UK grime masters Newham Generals out now and currently destroying the top 10 on Beatport.  And following that her remix of house legends The Squatters featuring Steve Edwards takes it down a summery trap-step vibe out later this fall on New State Music.

It’s been a crazy summer for the bad girl, recently signed by Play Me Records.  Her last single “Love Drunk” rocked the Beatport charts at top 5 and “Hold Up” racked up a diverse support  list from 12th Planet to Armin van Buuren.  Fei-Fei has been getting everyone around the world feided, with tour dates hitting the likes of Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland, to Heat – a massive sold out college show with Mac Miller and Major Lazer, the world renowned SXSW festival in Austin, Houston, DC, NYC, Denver, Hawaii, Atlantic City and London.  Next up — Fei-Fei takes it back to Europe this fall to play for the legendary Godskitchen massive in Poland.

A wild child?  A bad girl?  One thing is for sure.  There are no rules.  Fei-Fei stays true to her own diverse sound whether it’s trap, grime, moombahton, dnb, hip hop and of course…Fei-step.

Get ready to get Feided.

Charissa Saverio, a.k.a. DJ RAP, has been the undisputed queen of the turntables and voted the number one female DJ in the world! DJ Rap has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent. She has established herself as the CEO of her labels: Propa and Impropa Talent, developed her creative direction as a full-fledged producer, and remains to be the recording artist and DJ that everyone has come to love and love dance to! She is also a classically trained pianist and song writer, amongst many other talents! Rap has dominated such genres as house and drum & bass. However, her love for music has taken her through many reflections of genres and musical experiences. Ultimately, millions in a global capacity have embraced her and her music.
dj rap
After waiting several years to be able to re-record (not re-mix) the single, "Good To Be Alive - 2011", DJ Rap was finally able to step into the studio to revive the track. Originally, this single was released on the multi-platinum album "Learning Curve", that was previously released on Sony Records. In Summer 2011 the long awaited re-release of "Good to be Alive - 2011" launched! A new music video also accompanied the release. The video captures the ever glamorous and beautiful DJ Rap, it is as if she is ageless. Her voice is equally preserved and this is evident in the newly recorded vocals heard on the track. "Good To Be Alive", became known to us as an anthem following the original release and to fans now and then, it still is.

Over the course of DJ Rap's career she has collaborated and worked with many talented and influential professionals. Such talents consist of BT, Eric Morrillo, Hans Zimmer, Hybid, and DJ Tydi, to name just a few. Rap has produced music for play station, Wii, and 7 major movies. DJ Rap has created music scores, composed music, and makes custom designs of musical pieces to fit the specific needs of any project. Examples of her portfolio are evident in her work for Twix, Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise), Isolation, Run Lola Run, Enough (J-lo), Rogue Trader (Ewan McGregor) and four documentaries.

Multi-talented, accomplished, ambitious, and driven by her passion to create and her love for music, DJ Rap is not a name from music's past, it is the name of music now and an inspiration to music's future.
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