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On The Edge With Beat Service



Welcome to think IN electronic Madis. It is our pleasure to be interviewing you. Without further ado lets straight to it ☺

beat servie interview

1. Beat Service, How are you doing and what inspired the name Beat service?

Hey guys! Im doing well, thanks! Busy with touring and studio work, as always. Name Beat Service actually came quite randomly. Back in 2006/2007 when i signed my first track, I urgently needed a decent project name for the release. So I just wrote down a punch of names I came up with  and couple of my friends helped me with the right decision.

2. Many South Africans know and love you, but I don’t think they know much about the man behind the name. Tell us a little more about yourself. 

beat serviceMy real name is Madis Sillamo and I come from small Northern Europe country called Estonia. I’ve been working with the music around 12 years for now, I started as a mainstream deejay and moved into trance/progressive scene around 2006. I’ve been “practicing” producing since 2001, first proper releases came out in 2006/2007 and rest is history… Nowadays I work as a full time producer/dj, which is absolutely a dream come true!

3. We absolutely love Beat Service, and to many you are one of the most consistent producers around what keeps you going? 

I can’t really explain it, but I guess it’s my passion for the music. A need to make music almost every day, even a little bit, it’s the strangest thing! I get a lot of inspiration while travelling and I have the best co-writers in the world for the vocal tracks, everything just matches so well that I don’t really have to worry about the inspiration.

4. In today’s time it’s hard to not get influenced by other genres, have you ever thought about changing your style?

Well, if you listen to my tracks, then often they are all very different from each other. Yes there are a lot of signature elements and arrangements, but I like to try something new each time. I get a lot of inspiration from other styles as well and use some of the elements/techniques in my own productions. I will never change my style, trance  - im here to stay!

5. Where do you draw your inspiration?

Travelling, people, gigs, music, nature ☺

6. How do you go about planning your sets?

Im preparing my sets in my laptop while travelling, at the hotel, or if I have the time, before leaving home.  Nowadays I get a lot of promos, so it takes quite some time to get it all sorted out. Usually I play a lot of my own productions, so 60% of the playlist is not that hard to compile actually ☺

7. You have an upcoming South Africa Tour with a show in the mother city Cape Town and one in Durban ☺, What have you heard about our lovely country and what are you looking forward to see?

To be honest, I only know a little. I know you have a huge trance scene over there, so im really excited to see how that reflects on the dance floor! South Africa sounds way too exotic for me, so I really can’t wait to see and learn more about your country! After all, I will be there twice this month, so hopefully enough time for me to spend some quality time over there ☺

8. What can South African fans expect from your set?

I will definitely play a lot of Beat Service stuff, all the big instrumental tracks and of course vocal tracks. I will premiere some of my upcoming tracks and I have some other exclusive bangers lined up as well! It’s gonna be melodic, progressive and bigroom!

9. We have been digging into our Beat Service achieves and we cant pick our favorite track, out of all the tracks you produced which one is most special to you?

That’s a hard question. I love all my “children” and I’ve put my heart into each track. I can tell you what are my favorite tracks from the past year for example. My collaboration with Ana Criado “Whispers” and Neev Kennedy “Not This Time”  has been really big for me, as well as one of my bigroom tracks “Fortuna” and of course “Aurora” and “On The Edge”. There’s just so many of them! ☺

10. When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

I get my motorcycle (yes, motorcycle!) and just ride, or relax on the balcony with my friends and some bbq and beer! Im really a simple guy.. ☺

11. We still pretty bummed that you are not playing in Johannesburg so, if we were to invite you over to play at our dinner party would you and what would you like to eat?

Dinner in Johannesburg sounds good ☺ Im pretty sure I will visit Johannesburg sometimes soon, thumbs up! About the dinner – well I don’t really have any preferences. Im always looking forward to local kitchen, so you have to surprise me ;)

12. What special things can we expect from beat Service for the remainder of 2013?

Im working on my debut album which should be finished by the end of the year. About 12 to 15 never before heard new Beat Service tracks, vocal collaboration plus instrumental tracks. You might even find a chillout track on the album… Other than that I have a lot of touring ahead and of course constantly working on my singles as well.

And now just for fun….trance, buildup, coldharbour, 

Favorite food? Italian!
Three things you cant live with out? Music, loved ones, happiness

Most embarrassing DJ moment? I never had anything too serious (thank god!!), but I had some cd skipping in the past, where people had to enjoy silence for a while… Oh, one time I lost all the power from the dj booth and it took about 10 minutes to solve this, of course people went nuts after the power came back!

Celebrity crush :P? I don’t really have one… ☺

Madis it has been an absolute pleasure, Safe travels and we hope to catch up with sometime in the future. 

Cheers  for the interview, enjoyed it very much.

In closing do you have any last word for the fan masses?

Thanks guys for all the love and support for my music! Fans are everything to me. Hope to see you somewhere around the world and … Let the beats continue! ☺

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