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Watermark High Reminds You It's All For Good


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For Good Watermark High

Today sees the official release of Watermark High’s new EP, entitled For Good. Galocher, which was released last week was a first taste of the EP. For Good makes this Watermark High's 4th EP to date. The EP can be described as an unflawed slice of downtempo, ambient heaven. Watermark High has a distinctive ability to experiment and fuse together sounds which normally wouldn't fit - this is noticeable through out the EP. The distorted vocal chops akin to his other works gives the EP extra special character.

“‘For Good’ just made sense to me, as it refers to ‘permanence’ as well as ‘for the better’ or a sense of positivity, which are both things/themes that applied to my life in general at the time of writing the EP.”

Written on and off over the course of a year, Watermark High describes the EP as a bit more synth-heavy compared to his previous offerings. It features fewer ‘acoustic’ instruments and samples and is more ‘electronic’ sounding. He followed a less maximalist approach this time around, whilst still keeping things intricate and interesting.

“I have always loved organic, warm sounding electronic music and that’s what influenced me mostly, sonically - music made with machines and computers and sounds found in every day life, but which sounds more human and which has character and texture. That makes the music more evocative to me. That’s what I look for in music, so that’s what inspired me.”

“When I was writing and putting the EP together, I always kept the title in mind, which always kind of nudged me in certain directions. I always try to have the title before I start working, so that what I do makes sense thematically (to me at least). It’s not something I can explain really, there aren’t any lyrics or anything super obvious, but in my mind, the songs fit together.”

For Good Track List:

1. Galocher
2. Die If You Fall, Live If You Jump
3. Marrow Deep
4. For Good
5. Let It Enfold You

Download For Good for a price of your choice, or for FREE here: 



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