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Bontan Is Lighting Up Like A Firefly

Bontan - Firefly

Bontan Firefly toolroom records
Toolroom Records

Underground House and Bontan go together like a fireflies and starless nights.  He first made his debut on Think In Electronic with Move on Out  since then he has been a favorite. The talented Northerner has progressed from a bedroom DJ to a main feature on Toolroom Records, BBC Radio 1 playlists, headlining main stages and key venues across the Globe.

‘Firefly’ is his latest offering. It can be termed as a sublime House track that oozes summer-time warmth - it must be the lush piano chords! The deep melancholy vocal draws you in, succeeding in doing exactly what it intends . Christian Nielsen steps-up to provide a slamming remix that caters for the underground floors, whilst Bontan himself gets his groove on for a solid club cut with his ‘Beside Edit’.

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