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Kronic Australia's Sickening New Superstar


With enough bass to make your bowels burst and enough electro to make you offer your hands up for amputation, here… comes… Kronic

kronic from australia

Unapologetic and fierce, Australia’s latest offering puts together an hour plus mix that will have your head twisting and your party pants on fire as he blends, mashes and manipulates the lines that divide between electronic dance music and hip hop. With utter irreverence for the rules, this is in your face, balls out, feet on the dance floor, Kronic music for the masses.

His next release, a collaboration with Lil Jon – which for those listening to the mix should come as no surprise – is slated for April 2015, after which fans can expect an onslaught of new music as the latest Antipodean superstar begins a full on assault on international waters.

Be warned… this isn’t going to be pretty, it isn’t going to be quiet and there will be no decorum… but it will be one muthaf*cker of a party. Kronic’s here and it’s about to get disgusting.

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