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Enhanced's Will Holland & Estiva Go B2B Off The Decks

Enhanced's Will Holland & Estiva sit down to chat about their upcoming B2B set at SW4, their Australia tour and new releases

estiva b2b will holland at south west four

[WH] So Steven, I had a great time with you in the Australia tour - what were your highlights?

[SB] It's definitely been great! I was very excited to come back to the country we've first visited last year as it was such a positive experience. Show wise I think we took it to the next level, and as I had been touring alone for a while it was really enjoyable to travel around in a party of four for a bit. Lots of fun to catch up with you in real life too, although I don't think I'll ever sit next to you on a plane again if you keep continue to do karate moves during your in flight naps. What's that about you and your full body twitches? And how did you enjoy being back on the road, out of the office?

[WH] Well firstly, Australia; I loved it - it's been a while since I've done a long tour with my focus being running the label these days, but it was definitely fun to be back on the road with you guys and the shows were superb - Sydney and Melbourne especially. I love seeing the reaction of the crowd to our new music and the relationship you guys and the label has with the fans, it's pretty special. Ahhh the flight twitches!! Haha! I seem to be able to sleep on any flight but as you found out it can be a dangerous game if you're sat next to me… one time I almost killed a guy! I have no idea why I twitch on flights; must be the awkward position I'm sleeping in. Anyway, I don't think it matters to you that much as you're always wide awake and playing on FIFA. What is it with your obsession with that game? Are you still upset from The Netherlands' Semi Final exit in the World Cup; It's fair to say you're football obsessed, isn't it?
estiva b2b will holland

[SB] I could definitely see the DJ in you is still very much alive. I imagine it must be a really interesting experience to be in the field, I mean you first handed see the reactions of people to the music you sign in your office. As I'm not as comfortable as you sitting on a plane seat I like to kill my time with FIFA! I set the difficulty to amateur so I never lose. This way it can never be as frustrating as footbal can be in real life.. Thanks for bringing up the World Cup... It was a unique experience to see some of the matches at 2am and 6am and it was amazing while it lasted. Did England participate in the World Cup?

[WH] Touché!! Well, we were there but you could hardly call it participation. I think I gave up on the national team years ago… we need a change at the top - from the FA chiefs to Roy Hodgson. There's no comparison between Louis Van Gaal and Roy Hodgson,  we were doomed from the start unfortunately. I fear Louis is going to revive Manchester Utd this season.. not what I want! I love seeing the reactions to our releases - when the crowd sing along to something for example, and you know you've put countless hours into the record it's a special feeling. You look like you're having the time of your life every time you play - it's infectious to watch and it's always a proud moment for me to see you play live. What's with the pink or green socks and pants though? Do you only have two sets of underwear?

[SB] I remember when I first started dj'ing… I didn't feel so comfortable. Over the years this has totally changed,  I think I can say I'm quite laidback but that changes when I'm behind the decks. I really feel the urge to jump and dance all the happiness and adrenalin out of my body. I can be myself now, without holding back. I'm pretty sure that reflects on the crowd. Seeing people smile and genuinely having a good time is contagious! Now about those colorful socks and pants.. They just make me happy I guess. Call me crazy but I feel great knowing I'm wearing crazy colored, maybe it's some kind of odd superstitious belief. I'll go see a doctor if you want me to!! What do you expect of SW4? It's going to be my first time and I believe you have attended the event before so chat me up a bit!

[WH] SW4's great. It's fantastic for London to have a huge event like this every year, and the line up is amazing as always. Last year the rain on the Saturday was unbelievable - here's hoping it's not the same again this year. Normally the Bank Holiday is sunny, so you'll be able to wear those pink socks. What tracks are you going to play at the show - you should definitely play your new originals?

will holland enhanced sw4 b2b estiva[SB] Ha! Pink socks it is then, I'll lend you a pair to add in some extra chemistry during our B2B set! Despite that heavy downpour I've heard people fully enjoyed SW4 last year. It must've been a surreal experience!, I'm definitely planning on dropping some of the new tunes. It's always exciting to road test brand new stuff. It's like sharing secrets. When people react strongly to the songs they've never heard before you know you did something right. I'll make sure to bring my next single with Sarah Russell 'Feels Right' to the dance floor!

[WH] Yes you have to play that - such a good record! I might make you play also a few more of your exclusive tracks featured on the new Enhanced Sessions Compilation! I'm really excited to release that - can you give the readers a little insight to the compilation and what you have in store for them?

[SB] There's so much quality on the compilation this year. I was really happy with the massive amount of exclusive tracks I got sent from the Enhanced office. Having said that,  the quest to pick the right ones to create the compilation with was tough,  as you get forced to leave some amazing pieces out. I feel like I've chosen the right songs to create a perfect balance between energy,  melodies and flow. Some of the tracks will immediately get to you as other will grow on you the more you've heard them. The huge creativity and variety on this cd is something all involved artists should be proud of! We should definitely give the people at SW4 a taste of this!

[WH] Definitely! I will pick out a few bits from Juventa's disc as well then, along with some fresh new stuff signed to Enhanced in the past couple of weeks. Can't wait for Saturday… see you there!

[SB] Let's rock it this weekend,  Will!

Will & Estiva play South West Four Festival on Saturday 23rd August, head over to for last remaining tickets…

Estiva's 'Feel Right' will be released through Enhanced Music on August 25th

Estiva & Juventa's 'Enhanced Sessions Volume Four' Compilation will be releases through Enhanced Music on September 22nd
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