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Stoneface & Terminal – „Be Different“ Reviews

Stoneface & Terminal "Be Different" is out now!

Over the past weeks we got some Track Reviews for the new Stoneface & Terminal album "Be Different" from various producers, DJs and 
prominent reviewers which you'll find attached. 

'Be Different' is Stoneface & Terminal's second artist album and was over a year in the making. It proves again that the two school friends can create true musical brilliance, which is exactly what an artist album should be. Being known for numerous successful club singles, Stoneface & Terminal deliver with their new album which provides an interesting mixture without forgetting their own sound. 'Be Different' is a journey from catchy vocal songs to techy rhythms via trancey lines and laidback sounds. Interesting collaborations with Kyau & Albert, Ellie Lawson, Sean Ryan, Amurai, Ronski Speed & Synthea and Ana Criado turn 'Be Different' into a timeless album. Prior to this album, Euphonic released the massive single 'For You' featuring Ellie Lawson.  

Visitors (Review: Giuseppe Ottaviani)
"I’m a big fan of atmospherical intros and chill out music when it comes to an artist album, it’s probably the way for me to really see if there’s a musician “inside the DJ”. And what an amazing track the guys delivered here. Love the piano melody and pads that keep building through a beautiful break-beat groove. I can see the sundown if I close my eyes, this is going to be my ultimate Ibiza soundtrack this year Great job guys!"
Sonus (Review: Maarten de Jong)
„The German Duo Stoneface & Terminal who always had a prime spot in my sets, released a new album called “Be Different’' including this monster track “Sonus”, an amazing bass driven track with crispy percussions on top, in the break a catchy string melody which will take you away and coming back with that phatt bassline blending it with the main melody on the drop, which is simply in one word "AMAZING".. Big ups for this track and the whole album can’t wait to drop this one while touring this summer…“ 

Let You Fall (with Amurai) (Review: Rich Solarstone)
"From the blissful opening few bars, a team up between S&T & Los Angeles-based producer-dj-vocalist Amurai proves a fabulous thing. Enveloped in rolling breaks and warm pads, Amurai's heartfelt vocal delivery plucks at the heart-strings. When a monster stabbed lead is unleashed at the break, the full majesty of 'Let you Fall' is revealed. Gorgeous "
Travellers (Review: Richard Granholm / EDM TOR)
"I’m here to discuss one track only: the album’s fourth track, Travellers. Stoneface & Terminal really came out of their shell with this instrumental tune; it sounds like trance, mixed with tech house, mixed with big room – and there are definitely some other flavours in there as well. The drops are heavy in grooving percussion, and the breaks are soft, with smooth, distorted synths and the sounds of airport ambience.

Be Different is coming out in July, on Euphonic Records. From what I’ve heard, it will be quite the diverse album, really showing off what the duo can achieve creatively. This is definitely a group that needs to come back to Toronto, stat!"

Be Different (with Sean Ryan) (Review: Dimitri Kechagias - 1mix radio/ Flux BPM Online)
„The highly influential and celebrated all over the world German duo Stoneface & Terminal reveal the magical title track of their awesome album Be Different. Once again they succeed to compose a highly memorable progressive trancer with the words Trance Anthem all over it. The stunning vocals courtesy of Sean Ryan who collaborated with great artists amongst them ATB will speak to your heart straight away. It starts with wonderful rock infused piano and guitar intro with electronic blissful blippy synthy hook that will hypnotize the listener without doubts and transfer them to a higher level of understanding, loving and being peacefully together on the dancefloor. Chunky grooves, pulsating deep basslines, warm strings and sunkissed melodies are merged to form the magnificent foundation for Sean Ryan to appear and add his indie rock/ pop edge to the track with his dynamic but very ethereal voice as well. Dreamy sing a long Balearic trancer that nicely leads on the breakdown that is packed with colorful synths, mystical melodies and heartfelt strings that make you feel like being in the sea side hearing the therapeutic sound of crashing sea waves on the beach and smelling the summer breeze. The climax offers the finest crescendo moment with all the soundlayers coming together to offer you shivers all over your body from head to toe. It finishes with very sweet and tender ambient outro to leave the listener wanting to listen more. Be Different is #PureGold album that will shine eternally! Love iT“

Deepressure (Review: Kathy Vitkus -
"One simplistic scenario of a great track-in-the-making is a formidable yet gratifying task that is a combination of the innate, the creative, the learned, the educated guessing and that pleasant-surprise discovery of sounds captured in the process. It’s also undeniably a labor of love as the achieved product is hopefully that tantalizing, engaging and euphoric track of acclaim and permanence.

What Stoneface & Terminal have fashioned with their eternally admirable and humble success is to seamlessly navigate that terrain of adversities and creative process to once again construct a harmonious triumph in their latest “Deepressure.”

This gem delivers a stunning pleasantry of multiple beats from varied directions with traces of tribal undertones. It’s engineered to precision rendering the listener unstoppable while indulging in and succumbing to its grip. It ascends and then delivers a gentle ebb of breakdown but with the anticipation of that adrenaline-rising rebuild that is eminent just beyond the next few beats. The slight cessation resonates a trace of cosmic before striking again with acoustic force. It’s this creative framework and weaving that is the pillar of the quintessential, enduring hit. It’s that persistent beat and that compelling energy. It’s that formula that the duo of Henri and Mathias, aka Stoneface & Terminal, have mastered time and again and have demonstrated here.

With another win for the record books “Deepressure” manages to define the notion that it’s definite dancefloor sensation material but also a euphoria to experience and revel."

Alive (Review: Anthony J Rodarte (Roschambo Productions/ Venture Capricorn/ RvsF Music Label)
“Alive defines the exhilaration of a remarkable day, that day you remember for a lifetime.  If that day had a soundtrack, Alive would be the track.
This beautiful track ascends to a higher point of musical definition, connecting emotion and music.  The piano gives the production a timeless orchestration that which connects to the signature evolving S&T rhythm and layers.“
For You (with Ellie Lawson) (Review: Stu Fleishman)
"From its first heavenly tones, Stoneface and Terminal's latest collaboration with Ellie Lawson "For You" takes the definition of ethereal to a new level.  Written by Ellie Lawson during her pregnancy, this track is about the sweetest, purest love imaginable... that being a mother's love for the angel she's waiting to meet for the first time.   The beauty of this track is not only in the lyrics, but in an uplifting melody, combined with a euphoric drop that both lifts my mood and keeps me dancing.  Stellar work!"
Electric Rain (Review: Aaron Sim –
"The track “Electric Rain,” amazed me as it had neither heavy beats nor driving basslines like a regular Trance track. I guess Stoneface & Terminal really wanted to “Be Different” by having a variety of sounds in their album.
The initial warm and dreamy pads brought me into a dream-like state while percussion instruments slowly started to creep in, adding groove and rhythm to it. During the preview, I felt like my studio was transformed into a lush natural forest filled with the sounds of nature, instilling a sense of peace and calmness for the duration of the track.

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” ~ Elton John.

And this track “Electric Rain” is one of those.“

One Heart (with Ana Criado) (Review: Raz Nitzan)
„It's always such a pleasure to be asked to collaborate with Stoneface & Terminal and I was delighted when the guys asked us to work together on a new track. "One heart" was a particularly personal track for all of us! The idea behind the lyrics is that we are all one big heart and we are the ones to make the difference in our own lives. To be our dreams and live them while being the better version of ourselves imaginable through love, connection and seeing the best in other people as we're all part of the same heart and planet. Ana Criado sang the track with so much love and brought the small yet meaningful concept to reality and when we got to hear the final Stoneface & Terminal mixes we were all blown away. It was THAT good... and yes it did make the Beatport charts Top 5 accordingly! In any case, I can not wait to hear the full album and I wish Henry & Matthi all the well deserved very best!“

Yuma (with Ronski Speed & Synthea) (Review: Carsten Reber / DJ Cyre)
"Yuma" definitely catches the sunshine and brings it into your heart. A summery tune composed and created for real trance lovers and trancers who love the big melodies and massive breaks. When listening to this track I think of Ibiza and the high energy you need to get the amazing dancefloors on the magical island filled with euphoric people. This tune has definitely the potential to crowd every dancefloor - in hot Ibiza or in colder Germany. The voice elements of Synthea make shivers on your back - and the melody really gets into your ear and stays there for a loooong time. "Yuma" is a high energy collaboration with Ronski Speed which is surely worth 5 out of 5 stars.... We love Stoneface & Terminal exactly for tunes like this!
We Own The Night (with Kyau & Albert) (Review: Kenneth Thomas)
"The bar is set extremely high when you see collaboration like this one, between two giants in the realms of progressive minded trance like Stoneface & Terminal and Kyau & Albert. "We Own The Night" is a perfect record for today's modern dance music scene. Storming dark beats with gritty progressive primed to push any night deep into its peak. Fueled by techy rhythms that could find its way into a trance set as much a driving techno set and relentless aggression, the breakdown parts perfectly in time for Alberts' instantly recognizable vocals to chime with his incredible heart-pulling lyrics. Finally a return to a charging stab based pinnacle round out this peak time monster perfectly. Stoneface & Terminal with Kyau & Albert proclaim "We Own The Night" and I absolutely agree!"
Stuck In A Loop (Review: Vladimir Chernov & Evgeny Svalov - Soundlab Media)
The track «Stuck In A Loop» from the new album of the German duo Stoneface & Terminal is remarkable due to various strong points and, definitely, is an object that deserves close attention.

"The title of the track itself might be understood in different ways. Someone is «stuck in a loop»... Is that a kind of self-irony of the musicians from Germany in the moment of album production while they felt a lack of creative ideas and the process does not progress any further except one looped fragment? Or maybe that is a nimble description of the current conditions on the mainstream Trance scene?

Let us leave these reflections aside and come to grips of the music. The track «Stuck In A Loop» is obviously divided into two parts, moreover the unexpected development coming to light from the middle part of the track by leaps and bounds, shows the entire potential of this production.

The initial part inspired by the modern «Progressive Techno», it is first and foremost House music in contrary to Trance, and could be perceived as a self-consistent production in the genre of House — well, let’s just easily remember what the fellow German countrymen of Stoneface & Terminal have done a couple of years ago — Christian and Frank from D-Nox & Beckers and what type of sound is being promoted in 2014 by another prominent artist from Germany, Tomcraft — the similar lively, brisk, energetic and moderately monotonous vibrations properly moves the crowds both on the dancefloors of nightclubs and on the large festival arenas.

The second part is quite a specific «surprise» in the form of a leading melody and its surrounding framework: these two easily move «Stuck In A Loop» into another genre plane. In actual conditions, when the vast majority of producers tend to stay within the limits of standard, generic moves and tricks while creating new tracks and to stay «trendy» and «on demand». Having nothing going for oneself is absolutely not the case of Stoneface & Terminal — the German duo stands against this mass predictability and puts accent on the classical Trance polyphony instead of the eagerly sought but too easy interchange of breakdowns and drops."

Caligula (Review: Anthony J Rodarte (Roschambo Productions/ Venture Capricorn/ RvsF Music Label)
"The 5:47 epitemology journey – Legend states that Trance was born in Germany, all told, Caligula proves the legend correct. This transforming journey is an intellectual musical upgrade. (“Roman Empire vs Space Odyssey”)
The track begins with the neo-sound of S&T, buildingthrough a deep thinking musical texture only S&T can create. Listening from the beginning the track, we are transformed into a soundtrack of Platonism corruption or Aristotelian revolution.
At 4:10 the “Neo-sound” drops, and the hard hitting, head-banging begins, as if we were front row for Caligula’s (the Roman Emperor’s) extravagance, sadism, and extreme nature, which resulted in his demise. I myself vision the song fitting for a Stanely Krubrick – Trance Space Odyssey crescendo. Timeless trance. One of the best" 

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